Pump of the Jams!

Do you listen to music when you workout? Whether you do or do not, hear from Becca, one of our nZone Fitness Instructors, how listening to music can have a very positive impact on your workout.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts about below about whether music does or doesn’t help you in your workout. Also, share a favorite “pump up” song on your playlist.


The Elevator Game

Join Amanda and try out this fun game you can play with your children. They will have so much fun they won’t even know they are exercising! Share below or on social media (Twitter: @nzoneonline) what “floor” was a family favorite at your house.


Nutrition Comes First

Working out is great for your health.  But if your diet and eating habits are not healthy, there is only so much your workout will do.  So today, Colton, the nZone Fitness Director, talks about how nutrition comes first.

Schools Out Kids Fitness Special

Just $5 for unlimited Kid Fitness classes

Dates: June 22nd – June 27th
What: NEW nZone Kids Fitness Members are eligible for a special Kids Fitness Offer. For just $5 per child your children can attend unlimited Kids Fitness classes June 22nd- June 27th. View the class schedule.
*Note: This does NOT include CareforKids membership.
How: Pay the $5 fee at anytime during the special week at the front desk and bring your receipt as your child’s “pass” to any classes.