Our Cardio/Strength class is very much like a traditional workout in a fun, energetic group setting. The first half of the class might include lunges, jumping jacks, high knees, a quick jog, step jumping, and lots of other high energy moves synchronized to music. The second half of class is intense strength training that hits every major muscle group. We’ll use hand weights and body weight to get your body toned and build your strength.

What can beginners expect? 

As a beginner,  you can expect to really focus on developing key areas of your fitness. You’ll get a great cardio workout, plus you’ll learn the value of strength training as a part of your fitness regimen. This class will really get you familiar with basic movements and form, and the group setting will help you stay motivated to keep working towards your fitness goal.

What can more advanced participants expect?

More advanced participants can expect to get the same workout they would in a fitness center, except in a fun and motivating group setting. Plus, you get the added benefit of an instructor that can challenge you to push yourself and to try new movements.

Meet Your Instructor

About Cindy Rhodes

“I have been teaching Cardio/Strength classes since 2000, and I love it! I had been a Body & Soul student for years when I was invited to teach, and I’ve just been having so much fun teach the Cardio Strength class every since.”

“I am ACE certified and AED and CPR certified. My fitness philosophy is that you just need to find something you enjoy and then get moving!”