Tabata Fusion

The basic idea of Tabata is 20 seconds of all out, 100% exertion, followed by a 10 second rest period. We use a lot of compound movements, a wide variety of cardio and body weight exercises, plus a period of stretching to keep you mobile. This class is great because it provides benefits to someone at any fitness level. Whether you’re just getting started with fitness, or you’re already in great shape, Tabata Fusion can give you as much of a challenge as you want. It’s a different way to work out, and sometimes a change is just what we need to get motivated to get back in the gym.

What can beginners expect?

Beginners can expect an upbeat, high energy, class that will motivate them to keep going. There will always be variations of exercises shown, and you can go at your own pace, so anyone can participate and take on as much of a challenge as their fitness level will allow.

What can more advanced participants expect?

The interval aspect of Tabata can help get you out of a rut in your workouts. It’s a different kind of workout, and it provides a new challenge for your body to overcome.

Meet Your Instructor

About Mary Ward

“I’ve been a group fitness instructor for over 18 years. I’m certified by ACE as a Group Fitness Instructor, and am an ACE Faculty member providing continuing education courses. I am also the Marketing Director of NOVA for Body & Soul.”

“I love helping people achieve their goals. My fitness philosophy is, “don’t think about why you can’t, think about how you can.” I love being active, and won’t shy away from many things; nothing should deter adventure becauses life is too uncertain. I say embrace the day and challenge yourself to go beyond what you think you can do!”

“I’m married to Brad, who loves adventure as much as I do. We have two amazing kids: Kristopher, who is a soccer trainer/coach, and Samantha, who is married to our wonderful son-in-law Andrew.”

What’s one thing people always say about your class? “They say, “I’m surprised at how great the workout is, with all the rest periods.” It’s effective and challenging, plus, people enjoy the variety, because you never do the same workout twice.