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Adult Memberships

Our fitness membership gives you full access to not only our open court and field times but also our top-of-the-line fitness center and aerobic studio!

At the nZone™, we continually provide our members with the ability to meet their fitness goals. With our wide variety of equipment, training tools, classes, and a stellar personal and small group training program, our fitness center is the right place for you to get in the best shape of your life!


  1. Access to designated member field and court times, see monthly calendar
  2. Unlimited access to non-programmed field and court times
  3. Unlimited access to nZone fitness center featuring a broad array of fitness equipment ranging from cardio to weights and strength training to stretching and stability equipment
  4. Unlimited access to nZone fitness classes including Step, Yoga and Zuma.
  5. Add  Care for Kids to your membership for just $25 month which includes unlimited child care and access to our fields and courts during designated member times
  6. Additional discounts include:
    • $5/hr off any room/court/field rental (excluding clubs, sports organizations or for-profits)
    • $5 off fitness drop-ins
    • 15% off TrueAP Performance training
    • Birthday Party Discounts
    • Discounts on various camps, classes and programs

Memberships cost just $30/month!
Additional family members are $25/month.

*Childcare is available for a maximum of 2 hours per day per child

Kids Memberships

kids_fitness_2Finally, a way for your 2-12 year olds to get active in the gym! Our family friendly kids fitness membership is designed to engage your child in fitness and ensure that they have fun while doing so.

In addition to classes, your family can enjoy access to our non-programmed fields and court times. Our Care for Kids room is always an option for our Kids Fitness members, giving you the opportunity to work out, knowing that your child is in good hands.


  1. Access to designated member field and court times, see monthly calendar
  2. Unlimited access to non-programmed field and court times
  3. Unlimited access to nZone Kids fitness classes including Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Yoga Kidz, and Strong Kidz
  4. Unlimited access* to Care for Kids.
  5. All adult fitness membership discounts apply

Membership costs $30/month by itself and just $25 a month to add on to an adult fitness membership.

*Childcare is available for a maximum of 2 hours per day per child

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Customer Testimonial:

My name is Terry McNeely. I’m a 59 year old, 5 foot, 5 inch tall, (originally) a 170lb. woman. 18 months ago, a work-friend asked me to check out the “NZone” gym with her. I wanted to start addressing my weight and high blood pressure issues. My Doctor had told me that if I lost 40 lbs. I’d most certainly be able to stop using High Blood Pressure meds. (they have miserable side effects}. So, I started out in “Boot Camp” on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and the hour and a half “Boot Camp”on Saturday. When I started, I was a physical “mess.” I could hardly do any of the routines. I couldn’t do a single push up, or completely get through a class without bailing out about half-way through. Now, I can sail through some classes, and gather the strength to work my way through some of the very difficult classes. My strength is 100 per cent better and my balance is much improved. (Which, considering I’m 30% nerve deaf in each ear, is utterly amazing) Every instructor, from Jamie, to Bethany, to Beth, to Mary, to Amanda, to Elinor, has been absolutely outstanding. I’ve met a lot of amazing women my age, which has been a marvelous and welcome, “plus.” Have I lost 40 lbs? Eh, no, but I’ve lost 20 and I look one whole heck of a lot better. And the HBP meds have been substantially reduced. The other 20 will come off, eventually. What I like is that when that happens, based on exercise and reworking our eating habits; I have a much better chance of keeping it off, than other people. As far as I’m concerned, “NZone” is one of the greatest secrets in all of Northern Virginia. I mean, really, who gets to belong to a full-service gym club for only $25 a month, with almost unlimited physical classes, for which you pay nothing extra? I “love” this club!!!

* the fine print
No sign-up fee! (no processing fee, no registration fee, no card fee, no asterisks… no gotchas… nothin’, zilch, nada.)
No term contract! Just pay your first and last month dues up front to get started. Your membership then automatically renews monthly. You can quit at any time with 30 days written notice. That means once you let us know you are done, you won’t owe us another dime even though you will still be able to use the facility for as long as you have already paid.

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