TrueAP Training for Adults

TrueAP Training

TrueAP Training for adults offers a variety of different training options, TrueAP Adult has something for everyone. Whether you want the comfort of a knowledgeable personal trainer or you’re a busy executive and always on the go, TrueAP Adult has something for you.

Starting in April of 2009, TrueAP Adult has been providing personal training and a variety of fitness classes to adults from all ranges of fitness levels. Whether you just want to improve as an athlete, or just get in better overall shape, TrueAP Adult can help you bring you fitness level to a whole new level.

TrueAP offers:

  • F.I.T. Boot Camps
  • Individual Training
  • Small Group Programs
  • Corporate Training

Contact Aaron Smith at or 703-996-3500

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