In today’s world, technology is constantly at our fingertips. Our children are growing up as digital natives, are sitting for longer periods of time, and are receiving fewer and fewer chances for exercise. There is less focus on our kids’ fitness, because their interest is often captured by technology. So how can you get your children interested in fitness and help them burn off their excess energy? One of the most accessible options is enrolling them in a team sport. There are many benefits of team sports for your kids, and one is that there’s a huge variety of sports to get involved in.

Benefits of team sports for your kids

  1. Provide regular and consistent exercise.
  2. Improve endurance – Repetitive activities build strength and endurance. Running a straight mile can seem impossible to a child, but running up and down a field so many times that it equals a mile is much easier to comprehend.
  3. Help to build strong bones and muscles – When muscles are engaged, they push and pull on the bones, and force the bones to strengthen.
  4. Develop teamwork – Learning how to work as a team, is an asset, not only to a child, but to the adult he or she will grow up to become.
  5. Encourage socialization – Most children today spend the vast amount of their time indoors. Their only real socialization outside of school is via the internet or gaming system. Kids need real friends that they can see face to face. Playing team sports allows them to develop socialization skills; without the added pressure that can come with making new friends.
  6. Instill discipline – All team sports have rules. The rules must be followed in order to play the sport. The child learns quickly, that the only way they can play in the sport, is to follow the rules.
  7. Teach sportsmanship – We can’t all be winners all the time. Children need to learn that it’s okay to come in second. Disappointment is a part of life. Whether they win or lose, sportsmanship is an important skill that must be developed early in life.
  8. Develop self-esteem – When they’re first learning a sport, your child is going to meet challenges and have to overcome obstacles. Learning how to be better and seeing a return on all their hard work can do wonders for your child’s self-esteem.
  9. Build character- Learning to follow the rules, learning right from wrong, teaching them how to make good choices, and instilling discipline; all of these things develop their character, and influence who they become as an adult.
  10. A feeling of belonging – Perhaps the most important benefit of team sports is that it encourages a feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves. We live in a self-centered world. What about me? I don’t want that! I deserve that. ME, ME, ME!!! Playing a team sport teaches your child to put away their ego and think about what’s best for the team as a whole. We’ve all heard “There’s no I in team”. You win as a team, you lose as a team.