Sometimes finding time for your regular fitness training is hard while the kids are home. Check out these 10 fun and creative energy burners for the whole family so you can find time to stay fit while the kids are home.

Fitness Training, Family Style

  1. Bicycling — Bicycling is a great activity that allows you to connect with your family while getting in some quality fitness training. The benefits include: developing strength and balance, burning calories, and enjoying a healthy, outdoor activity together.
  2. Walk — Walking is a fun and simple way to introduce kids to basic fitness training. If the kids can’t keep up, you can run in place or do some lunges; just keep moving! Make a game out of it—kids will love the adventure and you will be teaching them healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Dr. Robert Neeves, PhD, professor of health and exercise sciences at the University of Delaware, states, “It’s a great physical activity; it’s natural and doesn’t require any special clothing, equipment, or facilities.”
  3. Yoga and Pilates — These are great workouts even when you feel you have no time. Learn a few simple Yoga or Pilates moves, put in a favorite family movie, and enjoy moving together!
  4. Dance — Dancing is a great way to incorporate fitness training into your family routine. Kids love dancing—and you will be rewarded with the joyful sound of your children’s laughter (which also burns calories)!
  5. Jump — Jump rope or spend some time jumping on a trampoline with your kids. Kids love it and it’s great for burning calories.
  6. Swim — For a full body workout, swimming is the sport. Everyone loves water, and if you have a pool at home, family swimming is very convenient. Swimming is also very low impact—which saves your knees and other joints—while still being a very effective workout. Don’t have a pool? Join a recreation club and swim in the winter months too.
  7. Outdoor Games — Play hopscotch, volleyball, and tennis. Play tag or hide ‘n’ seek. Your options are endless. Just keep moving and laughing for great family workouts.
  8. Cleaning/Chores — This one exercise does double duty. Burn calories and get the house clean. Keep a chart and show how many calories each chore burns. Give a prize to the one who burned the most calories.
  9. Simon Says “Exercise” — Little ones love this fun exercise game and love to try to trip up Mom or Dad. The game is played just like your basic Simon Says game except everything is about moving and exercise. For example: Take turns being Simon—Simon says, “Run in place with your finger on your nose” or Simon says, “Drop down and do three push ups.” Remember though if Simon doesn’t say, “Simon says” and you do it anyway, you will have to pay the penalty, which could be running a lap around the yard or 20 jumping jacks. Create as you go and have fun burning those calories.
  10. Join the Gym — Need a little time to exercise on your own? Find a gym that offers a quality childcare service to their members so that you can work out on your own. Some fitness centers have such a large variety of programs, like youth summer camps, group fitness classes, and crossfit memberships. Each family member can find something they enjoy.