With the school season just beginning, it’s the perfect time to consider signing up your kids for team sports. Here are 5 benefits of team sports for your kids.

1. Team sports help their self esteem.

By participating in a team sport, your children learn to push themselves and trust in their own abilities. They are also granted a tangible form of success. Whether they are scoring a goal, blocking a shot, or just making a successful pass, your children can walk away feeling like they worked toward something and accomplished it.

But while success is important, failure can be just as valuable. In team sports, your kids learn how to respond to constructive criticism so that they can improve. They learn how to deal with losing, and how to be good sports to the opposing team. These aren’t just skills that will help them in sports; these skills will stay with them the rest of their life.

2. They develop their social skills.

The benefits of team sports even extends to your child’s social life! A recent study done by Springer Science+Business Media demonstrates that kids tend to be happier when participating in sports. Part of this comes from the bond kids form with their fellow teammates. The authors of the report wrote that, “Our findings suggest that sports team participation may enhance school connectedness, social support and bonding among friends and teammates.” On a sports team, your children learn to work together with all kinds of kids from all kinds of different backgrounds.

Team sports also give your kids the opportunity to build supportive relationships with other adults, like their coaches. These kinds of social skills can be just as important in your children’s lives as relationships with peers.

3. Team sports can help them in school.

If you’re concerned that team sports might take away time from studying, don’t worry. It’s true that team sports can be a significant time commitment, but a study by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) concluded that kids involved in sports were actually more likely to do well in school than kids that didn’t play sports.

We all know how energetic our kids can be. By getting them involved in sports, they use up all their extra energy and are then better able to concentrate on schoolwork.

4. Team sports help keep them in good physical health.

Team sports provide constant exercise and can help to boost the immune system. They are a great way for them to stay moving, while they’re having fun!

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5. They will learn self-discipline.

In order to perform well on a sports team, your kids will have to learn how to work hard and be committed. The best way for them to see the values of discipline is just by doing it. Through team spots, your kids can see that their hard work is actually working to achieve something.

This discipline can translate into other areas of life as well – it was demonstrated in a recent study that teenagers involved in sports were less likely to “use drugs, smoke, have sex, carry weapons or have unhealthy eating habits.”

The benefits of team sports are endless.
There are tons of benefits of your kids joining a sports team. All you have to do is sign them up so they can try it out. If they don’t like soccer, maybe try a youth basketball league. Maybe your child will really like tennis, or maybe football is more their thing. Whatever it is, give them the opportunity to try it out!

And of course, team sports can be a great way for you, as a parent, to stay involved. By volunteering or just coming to the games, you can be there to support your child.