We all want our children to be healthy, but sometimes finding an activity that interests them—and holds their attention—is hard on parents. It can be even harder to find the time to shuttle them around to all their different programs and sports leagues. But the absolute hardest thing? Finding the time to keep them active AND stay active yourself.

But don’t worry, there’s hope! All you need is to find an activity your child finds interesting AND that is held in a location where you can do something active that you love. If you’re not tied to a gym workout, there are ways to keep you and your kids active outside of the gym, too! Here are some ideas.

5 Ways to Combine Kid’s Fitness with Your Fitness

  1. Youth League — Many youth leagues, especially indoor leagues (like youth basketball), are held in fitness centers. That means you can drop your child off at practice and then work out in the fitness center while you wait. It’s perfect!
  2. Bike rides — If your kids are old enough, go on a bike ride together. It’s a great way to get outside and spend some quality time with each other.
  3. Kid’s fitness classes — A lot of gyms offer fitness classes for your kids. They usually consist of a variety of classes, like kid’s kickboxing and themed exercise classes. These are meant to be fun for kids while teaching them how to move and use their bodies. The plus side for you? Kid’s fitness classes are probably going to be held in a gym or sports complex, giving you the opportunity to work out while they’re in class!
  4. Hiking — Depending on how old your kids are, hiking can be another great way to be active as a family and to experience nature. Make sure to choose a trail without many hills or hazards for young children.
  5. Bring your kids to class! — If you have really young kids who aren’t ready for an organized class or sport, or you want to keep them around you, many group fitness classes let you bring your kids into the class. In fact, The nZone has a program just like this called Mommy Corps. You can bring your children on the field with you and let them run around and get all their energy out while you work out. So you get a workout and they get tired—it’s a win-win!