Children of all ages can benefit from attending summer camp. Summer camp provides children with an excellent opportunity to socialize, exercise, build independence and create lasting memories. Summer camps at The nZone in Chantilly, VA provide a variety of activities that help keep their minds sharp and their muscles moving all summer long.


Summer camp provides children with valuable social skills that can last a lifetime. Children at summer camp must learn to cooperate and work with other children on a variety of different activities. The nZone offers a number of summer camps for children of all ages. Many children develop strong, lasting friendships during camp.


Summer camp gives children the opportunity to make choices on their own, away from their parents and teachers. When children are allowed to make these choices in a safe, caring environment, they are more likely to take chances and learn new skills. This can help them develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence which can benefit them throughout their entire life.

Problem Solving

Summer camp provides children with the ideal environment for learning how to figure out problems and collaborate with other children throughout the learning process. When children play sports or other games, they must make important decisions that affect the outcome. They use problem-solving skills to figure out how to accomplish the task they are trying to perform.

Unplugged Fun

In today’s increasingly digital world it’s getting harder and harder to get our kids to unplug. When children spend time away from screens, they have the opportunity to develop social skills and get much needed exercise. Summer camp at The nZone is a fun and exciting way to get your kids to unplug. They’ll be having so much fun they won’t even miss their electronic devices!

Summer Camps at The nZone

The nZone offers a number of summer camps for kids of all ages and abilities. We offer convenient one-stop drop off and pick up for children ages 2-14 years. Our camps provide several activities for a variety of interests. Our large facility is air conditioned and conveniently located in Chantilly, VA near the Rt. 28 and Rt. 50 intersection. Please contact us for details!