In fitness, there is one word that is sure to evoke a lot of very strong opinions. What is that word? It’s “CrossFit”. No matter who you talk to whether its a fitness gym rat, the occasional gym goer or the random guy on the street whenever you mention “CrossFit” everyone has an opinion.

“It’s just the latest fitness fad”, “it’s ultra-competitive” or “CrossFit is the same no matter what gym you go to” are some of the more common opinions people have. As common as those opinions are, they are also big misconceptions about CrossFit and what it does for you and your body. The most noted misconception is that you will get seriously injured at CrossFit. While injuries do happen, “injury comes from not CrossFit itself. What injures people is not listening to coaches, performing moves incorrectly, or receiving poor coaching,” says Kevin Hughes, C.S.C.S, a certified CrossFit coach and owner of FTF Fitness in California.

Misconceptions are very prominent all over the fitness world about CrossFit. That is why over the next few weeks, we are going to highlight what CrossFit is and, more specifically, how CrossFit Hydraulic at the nZone can help meet your fitness goals.

For instance, did you know that a CrossFit workout can actually help your conditioning and versatility? Workouts are well-rounded that use large muscle groups and various ranges of motion that lead to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance. In addition workouts help you train your muscles, joints and ligaments using functional movements and will help you have a better, overall fit body ready for any activity or sport you play in.

As you look for ways to stay fit and in shape, CrossFit is an option that shouldn’t be pushed away with misconceptions. The best way to fully understand it is to try it. CrossFit Hydraulic at the nZone offers a variety of different classes and programs for you to do that will help anyone from beginner to expert. What’s stopping you from trying?