Maintaining an active lifestyle as a family can be challenging. Often, parents (and their kids) are running from soccer games to summer camps to birthday parties with little time left to go to the gym. Finding a family fitness center that appeals to the whole family can help your family stay healthy and be fun!

Finding the Right Family Fitness Center

Here are 3 important tips when you are looking for a family fitness center:

1. Active Sports and Fitness Environment

Look for a sports complex that has children’s summer camp programs and youth leagues as well as a fitness center and group classes. This will give you the option of going to a class or working out at the gym while your kids enjoy their own programs.

The right family fitness center delivers skills and active engagement for all age ranges.

2. Child Play While You Work Out

A good family fitness center will have a quality child-play program available for the little ones. You don’t have to settle for a “babysitter” mentality for your child at the gym. Your kids are important, and a good family fitness center will make sure they are being valued, kept safe, and that they have an active learning experience too. Ask about the safety program at the center, to see how they make sure your children are safeguarded. If you are there on a regular basis, the child care-giver or play leader should know your child’s name.

Once you’ve taken them a few times, you’ll know you made a good choice when your children tell you they look forward to going!

3. Programs for All Fitness Levels

A family fitness center that appeals to the whole family, needs to have a variety of programs and resources available to people across all levels of fitness and development. A good fitness center should have programs and skill building available for kids, but will also have adult fitness classes such as yoga, kickboxing and aerobics. For those looking for a more challenging workout, the center may also offer some kind of “boot camp” or CrossFit class.

Look for a family fitness center that has a variety of programs – something that your entire family will benefit from. And quality child play that is a core value of the center – not just an “add on”, because it allows you to workout or join a class while your children are engaged.

Being active together can give families the opportunity to learn and grow together, while developing healthy habits that will impact all areas of their lives.