Are you a mom that often says to yourself, “I have trouble fitting fitness into my family schedule?” If so, you are not alone. With the busy lifestyles that women have today, managing a family schedule with work and other responsibilities makes it difficult to fit in the fitness that you need. A regular fitness routine offers not only better physical stamina and strength; it also can help relieve the stress that comes from living in a modern world.

Making Time for Fitness

We have two suggestions for adding fitness that can work for a busy family’s schedule. You can find physical activities to do with your children, or you can find someone to watch your kids while you take 30 minutes to focus on your workout.

Fitness With Your Children

Here are some ways that you can add short 10 minute fitness segments that your children will enjoy:

  • Simple yoga and stretching
  • Walking around the neighborhood
  • Playing simple running games
  • Short nature hikes
  • Water aerobics
  • Dancing breaks between quiet times
  • Calisthenics that kids enjoy (i.e. jumping jacks)
  • Frisbee
  • Exercise Band

Personal trainer Tamara Grand suggests resistance bands and Bosu balls for exercising with young children.

Finding a Sitter

If you want to work out for 30 minutes or more, you should find a sitter. Although you can try to schedule your home workout during naps, eventually your child will grow out of napping. Finding a sitter may be difficult, but for a 30 minute workout a sitter can be an older child or young adult. If you exercise at home, plan your workout after the school day and find an older neighborhood child to watch your children during those 30 minutes.

30 Minute Workouts to Try at Home

Indoor Workouts

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Dancing
  • Calisthenics
  • Stepping
  • Jump Rope
  • Weight Lifting

Outdoor Workouts

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Nature Walk
  • Hiking

Working Out in a Gym

If you prefer to work out at a gym, you may need to combine that with one of the previous workout methods to fit it into your schedule. For instance, do shorter workouts at home 3 days per week, and then add 2 days at the gym. One of the issues for parents with gym workouts is that you need a responsible sitter who can stay with your kids for an hour or more. If you have a sitter available, then you can visit your favorite gym a few times a week for an hour or more.

Another solution is to find a gym that offers child supervision while you work out as part of the gym membership. The best family-oriented gyms offer this kind of service, so you have the freedom to work out while your child has fun under a watchful eye.