According to just about everyone, kids these days are too dependent on their smartphones and video games and junk food. Rather than being active and healthy, these kids are just wasting their days away in front of computers, TVs, and cell phone screens. While this popular perception is a tad overblown, there are far too many young children that don’t even get a few minutes of active play each day.

When the summer was here, it was a little easier to encourage your kids to get outside and play. They can go swimming, attend summer camp, play around in the backyard, and go pretty much wherever they want to just run around. When it’s a little colder out, however, it’s tempting for these kids to just kick back and spend all their time in front of a screen.

Since winter is rapidly approaching, it’s up to you to encourage your kids to remain active throughout the colder months and to stop wasting their time with technology.

Indoor sports can be a lot of fun and provide great ways for your kids to stay healthy and active, no matter the season. Here are some excellent indoor sports that are available at quality fitness centers.

Indoor flag football
America loves football! From an early age til they are older, boys and girls are throwing the football around scoring touchdowns on the field fields, on the playgrounds or on neighborhood streets. While the temperatures get colder during the fall and winter, there are plenty of ways your child can get football training and play in leagues indoors. Led by former players and current coaches at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, The nZone offers a variety of training and leagues this fall and winter.

Indoor soccer leagues
The world’s first indoor soccer league began in Boston, Massachusetts in 1923 and had 11 players per team. Though certain aspects of indoor soccer leagues have changed over the years, one thing remains the same: playing soccer with your friends is fun. Even if your little athletes don’t love outdoor soccer, the indoor version provides a fun change of pace. This game is more fast-paced, casual, and exciting than the traditional sport, which makes it a perfect winter sport for kids of all ages. If your family has never tried indoor sports before, then soccer is a great place to start.

Indoor softball/baseball leagues
If your kid doesn’t show too much of an interest in soccer because of all that constant running, consider taking them to check out a few baseball or softball games. There are plenty of indoor ball leagues that allow kids to have fun with their friends playing one of the greatest sports ever invented. Contrary to popular belief, baseball season doesn’t have to end in the winter.

Indoor knockerball
If you’ve tried encouraging your child to get off the couch and play soccer, baseball, or softball and nothing has worked yet, it might be time to think outside the box. Knockerball is a relatively new phenomena, but it is certainly gaining popularity in recreation centers around the country. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find fun indoor knockerball leagues near you that your kids will learn to love.

Remember: some indoor sports leagues have registration deadlines, and that means early fall is the perfect time to start researching your options. Don’t let your kids waste away their youth in front of the TV. As the summer comes to an end, indoor leagues give kids a safe place to stay active, have fun, and make new friends.

Whether you’re kids are looking for fun activities to do in summer camps or want to play indoor sports during the winter, Northern Virginia’s The nZone can help get them active. Contact us today to learn more about our fall and winter programming.