It’s no secret that exercise is great for kids, however, did you know active children are active learners? Research has shown that children who regularly participate in physical activity perform better in school. It has shown that even a single session of physical activity for children can help improve their memory and attention. When researches compare the brains of children who are active versus those who are more sedentary, the active children have more brain activity. Exercise has proven particularly beneficial for those children who may have more difficulty focusing in a school setting.

It is recommended children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. In addition to the brain benefits of exercise in children, daily exercise helps to improve their muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Exercise is a great tool to help children also learn teamwork, problem solving, and cooperative skills. Also, children who regularly exercise sleep better at night!

Creating opportunities for children to be active can be easy! Movement can include simple activities such as walking, biking, and even cleaning the house! However, children love games and challenges. Set up an obstacle course and have them run though as many times as they can! Set up stations with simple exercises such as jumping jacks and lunges. Children especially love when adults join in and challenge them. Families who set aside time to exercise together are creating a healthy and positive atmosphere for their children.

– Val Mulhern, The nZone Kids Fitness Director

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