Celebrating a birthday, attending sporting events, enjoying holiday celebrations; all of these are better with friends, and so is fitness. Group fitness classes have so many benefits: They teach you new skills, they push you harder, and they can lead to lifelong friendships.

Learn More in Group Fitness

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get fit but being unsure of how to go about it. Group fitness classes are there to teach you how to properly perform exercises, letting you get the most out of each movement while avoiding injury. Fit Day says, “Group exercise classes won’t simply help you get into better shape; they will also educate you on how to properly execute fundamental gym exercises.” Learning the fundamentals is essential to a successful fitness regimen.

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Friends Push You Harder

Just like sporting events in high school, your peers can tell when you are slacking off a bit. In a group fitness class, you are not only accountable to yourself, but also to the instructor and your classmates. The instructor is there to show you the ropes, and your classmates are there to motivate you to push harder. In a group setting, you can see what others are accomplishing, motivating you to set new goals.

Buddy System

Friends don’t let friends stay at home on the couch – even when you really don’t feel like working out that day. If you are in a group fitness class, you are guaranteed to meet a bunch of other people working toward a similar goal. Remember youth sports or clubs? The nice part of those was that the minute you signed up, you had about twenty friends. Friends help keep your workouts from stagnating. The treadmill and the rowing machine will not be there to get you out of your house for a workout, but your friends in your group fitness class might text you to see where you are.

There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing fitness goals. Group fitness allows you to learn a new skill, keep your body physically improving, and make new friends in the process. So get out there and try one today!