The sounds of laughter fill the place. Echoes of bouncing basketballs can be heard from the courts. It’s Monday morning and a fresh week of camps are here! Whether it is preschool children coming in with moms and dads for drop offs, girls signing in for Slam City’s Cheer camp or countless others kids arriving for an All-Sports Camp or Basketball-only camp, there is plenty of excitement in the air throughout The nZone because of all the camps happening through the week.

What helps make these weeks so enjoyable for all these young children in here is that we have great people in charge of working with them. So, we thought we would ask our awesome team of Camp Counselors what they enjoy most about camp at The nZone.

“Really nice being able to have fun with kids and watch them because they look up to you and it’s really nice to see how you influence them.” – Coach Jack

“It’s nice to teach the kids new games and play lots of games so the kids can have fun.” – Coach Eric

“I love getting to know the kids, watching them have fun and facilitating a great summer environment.” – Coach Becca

“My favorite part about doing this job is seeing the kids when they first come in on day one and then seeing them leave and all the friendships they have developed and how much they have grown just over a week or two.” – Coach Sam

Camp at The nZone is great because so much great stuff to do. But for us, having the right people working with the campers is important. We feel blessed to have such a great team of young people working with the campers this year. They work tirelessly to help the campers have a wonderful experience.

If you are looking for something for your child to do this summer, consider sending them to The nZone for a week or more of camp for an experience they will not soon forget. You can find out all our great camping options at