Throughout the year and especially during the summer, The nZone is filled with camps. There are preschool camps, cheerleading camps, basketball camps and all-sports camps. So it is natural to think that with all these “sports” oriented camps going on at The nZone that in order for your child to participate they MUST LOVE sports.

While there is a fair amount of recreational activities that go on during The nZone camps, the “All-Sports” camp is one that is most definitely NOT only sports. For instance, did you know that…

  • Laser tag takes place every other week during camp. Field 1 has obstacles and barriers placed all over so that the campers can have a great time blasting each other.
  • Knockerball happens on the weeks opposite of laser tag. Knockerball is a really fun activity where camper put on inflatable balls and then run around playing various games on the fields.

  • Theme days! Each week there is something new or different we are offering. Whether it is an Olympic day, water day, or slip and slide kickball, The nZone Camp staff is always looking for something new to do with the campers.

The nZone offers a variety of great camps and a lot of them centered are around sports, but there is so much more great stuff that happens that goes beyond these just being “sports” camps. With just a few weeks of summer left, end the summer on a high note and sign up your child for one of the remaining weeks of camp. They will most definitely thank you for it!