Regardless of where you grew up or how old you are, chances are you participated in organized sports at one point or another. In today’s world the types of organized sports have grown tremendously and even kids as young as 2, can already start getting involved! We believe here at The nZone that sports and fitness should be a priority for all families, and here are some great reasons why:


Participating in sports helps to boost a child’s self-esteem. By playing sports, kids can gain a positive perception of their physical self-worth. They see what their bodies are capable of, and appreciate their growth! When achieving new skills and learning new techniques, kids experience success and a sense of accomplishment. While your kids may not be inducted into the Hall of Fame just yet, even goal they score or high-five from a coach is a positive action that helps build their confidence.


This may seem obvious, but it is crucial! Playing sports teaches kids teamwork and how to work with others. Teamwork requires good communication, conflict resolution, and accountability. What better place to learn this skill set than on a sports field, in a positive environment.


Playing sports requires a lot of things, including:  showing up. Sports teach kids the value of commitment.  Coaches and other athletes are counting on them to be at games and practice. Kids learn that just because something doesn’t go their way, they keep coming. Commitment is essential to success in every aspect of life, and sports offers a great foundation.


The ability to overcome challenges, the capacity to recover from setbacks, adapting well to change, and perseverance in the face of adversity all boil down to one word: resilience. Youth sports teach our children ALL of that! The challenge or setback could be anything from a feud with a teammate to struggling with a new technique. By playing sports, kids learn to not to give up; which is key in the real world and the playing field.

Health Benefits

Playing sports GETS KIDS MOVING! Exercise lowers blood pressure and lessens the risk of obesity. From a young age, kids will have acquired the tools to create a lifelong, healthy lifestyle. Also, exercise is a great stress reliever! Kids get to loosen up and run free!

It’s FUN!

The biggest job a child has is to learn through play and fun. Sports are exactly that! Kids will make friends, laugh, and grow together. The memories made in youth sports will last a lifetime!

For more information about youth sports and great programs here at The nZone to get kids moving, contact our Youth Programs Manager, Becca Daza.