It’s our Staff!

When I look around nZone and see smiling faces of members and happy children, my heart swells. We are doing something different in the lives of our community. Our Staff is What’s Different! I’m privileged to be a part of it.

Shift Lifts

This week we began Shift Lifts. They are ridiculously short and meant to be fully encouraging. We build up our staff from the top down so that their encouragement may overflow into their interactions with one another and every member they serve. Pastor Brennan was working out in the Fitness Center Wednesday morning and joined us for our Shift Lift. He engaged with the camp kids and learned our memory verse. I was encouraged to have him join in so our staff could put a face to the church behind the nZone!

Taking Action

I’m asking you to look for ways during your shifts to put our memory verse to work. He must become more. I must become less. ~John 3:30. How can I show my fellow staff and those I’m serving that I’m letting Jesus shine through me? And that it’s not me – it’s all Jesus!


Can I make Him more by how I speak to my colleagues and campers? Can I make Him more by spending more time with members and not rushing? Can I make Him more by listening well to those who have something to say? Can I be less by humbling myself and allowing someone else to be right, to be heard?

I would love to hear from you. Big or small, in how you can carry this out.

Some Stuff to Know