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Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cooking Classes

Join our Cooking Class for recipe sampling, cooking demonstrations and gourmet fun!

Can you handle the heat?

Expert culinary coach, Jolene Sacbibbit, will teach you how to make great recipes your whole family will love. From delicious main courses, side dishes, and desserts – you’ll learn tips and ideas to make mealtime special.

Our classes are $45 per adult and $80 per couple. Registration is required. In order to participate in the class you must register no later than 5pm the day prior to the class.

Contact Elinor for more details.

Meet the Chef:

Jolene is the owner and head culinary coach for Jolene’s Culinary Cooking. Since opening her business in 2011, Jolene has established a network of clients and satisfied customers that have improved their culinary skills and brought confidence into the kitchen. After leaving a successful career managing an office for one of the largest financial companies in the world, Jolene took her passion for cooking, baking, and creative culinary dishes to those wanting to learn how to make their kitchen a palette of imagination. Towards the tail end of her financial career, she has served as a personal chef for several families in the northern Virginia area honing her skills outside her own household. Over the last 3 years, she has taught individualized culinary classes to several hundred people and worked with community group/organizations such the nZone, Park Valley Christian Church, local women’s groups, and businesses to inspire their internal chefs.

Jolene believes that amazing creations can be generated with simple ingredients and healthy food can also taste wonderful. By employing her techniques and using her recipes, one can learn time-saving tips in the kitchen, basic-to-advanced knife handling skills, and expand one’s repertoire in creating tasty dishes and desserts. She specializes in group/dinner-party style classes that are hands-on and can cater to individual lessons as well. Jolene is married and with her husband Rick, they enjoy raising her 2 energetic boys in Centreville. She also holds a B.S. in Counseling from Old Dominion University (for those customers needing consoling after past culinary creations).

“Food brings people together. Why not make it enjoyable, fun, and tasty at the same time.” – Jolene Sacbibit

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