Homeschool P.E. and Fitness Classes

Homeschool P.E. and Fitness Classes

Adding physical education to the curriculum? Let us help you out! Not only will your child burn off all that energy and spunk they have on our turf fields and basketball courts, but they will learn from certified coaches the if and or but’s on maintaining a healthy body. Physical education is great and we are professionals at it but when it comes down to it, knowing the details is what gets you the results. Homeschool P.E. at The nZone, is where physical health meets mental health.

Need a quiet room to plan your weekly co-ops while your kid is doing fitness? Ask our Youth Programs Director Sean Daza for availability. – (W) 703-266-0118 –(C) 703-220-9014

Weekly Drop-In Sessions

Homeschool P.E. classes are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Detailed information on the classes can be found below. Classes are just $5 per class, per child! Come whenever you can, no requirements to sign up for a certain number of classes. Additionally, parents can purchase a 20 or 40 punch pass for easy check-in (see front desk for more details).

Class Schedule

Day Time Description
Mondays 1pm 5-8 year olds sports class
Mondays 2pm 9-14 year olds sports class
Tuesdays 2pm 7-14 year olds physical fitness class
Thursdays 1pm 5-8 year olds sports class
Thursdays 2pm 7-14 year olds sports class

Ready to try a class? Fill out the contact form or call (703) 266-0118 now! For additional questions, thoughts, comments, or suggestions please email our Youth Programs Director Sean Daza

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