Men’s/Women’s Basketball League Rules & Code of Conduct

Where: The nZone Court A and Court B

When: Tuesday & Sunday Nights

Free Agents: Register online or see a front desk employee to be registered as an individual for the league. Individuals are subject to be placed on a team needing extra players or on an individual team with other free agent players.

Please note: putting your name on the free agent list does not guarantee you a spot to play in the league. If you are not placed on a team, you will be refunded in full before the official league start date.

I. League Organization

• The governing body of this league is The nZone.

• The purpose of this league is to combine the interest of basketball, the spirit of the community, adult recreation, and sportsmanship.

• The Director of Sports Programming has the final authority to make decisions pertaining to all Adult Basketball League rules and regulations.

• All games will be played under VHSL Basketball Rules unless otherwise stated within these rules.

II. League Eligibility

• A player must be 18 years of age by league start date to be eligible.

• When a player’s eligibility is in doubt, the referee must be given notice prior to the start of game. The referee will then take care of any eligibility issues.

• All players must be able to produce picture identification if asked.

• If a team cannot field enough players, they must get permission from the director, refs, and other team to use guest players prior to the start of the game. If there are not 5 players on the active roster then the game will result in a forfeit, regardless of the outcome of the game.

III. Registration

• To register, each team must submit the following:

  1. A team roster complete with name, phone number, and email address.
  2. $200 deposit to guarantee a spot in the league that is due the day of the first game.
  3. Signed Waiver Form/Release of Liability from EVERY player.

• All registration fees must be paid in full no later than the third game of the season. No refunds will be given to teams that drop out of the league.

• A player can play on more than one (1) team in the same league during regular season. If the both teams make the playoffs that the player is on, he/she must then choose which team to participate PRIOR to the first game of the playoffs.

IV. Roster 

• A roster should include a minimum of 5 players. The maximum amount of players permitted on a roster is 12.

•No new players may be added to a team’s roster after the start of the 4th game. All new players must be added to the team’s roster by emailing the League Director a new roster prior to the game to be eligible. No roster may be edited after the start of the team’s 4th game.

•Three (3) guest players is permitted during the regular season. They can only play in playoffs if they have played for a minimum of 3 games.

• A player may change teams by having the team manager report to the League Director requesting his release. A player may obtain his release to play with another team; however, he must request to be added to his new team’s roster pending new team’s manager’s discretion.

V. Player Conduct

• All players recognize that the purpose of this league is to combine the interest of basketball, the spirit of the community, adult recreation, and sportsmanship.

• Profanity and/or physical abuse of an official, league officials, opposing team players, and spectators will not be tolerated. Profanity towards any party may lead to one of the following:

  1. Game ejection
  2. Suspension indefinitely
  3. League expulsion (NO REFUND)

Physical altercations of any kind it can result in an immediate, LIFETIME expulsion from the league.

  • If a player, manager, or spectator refuses to leave, the game will be declared a forfeit.
  • If the player, manager, or spectator still refuses to leave after the game has been declared a forfeit, the police department will be called to escort the person from the premises. This will result in a LIFETIME expulsion from the league.

• Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Any player found drinking will be ejected immediately from the game and could be expelled from the league by the League Director.

• Game officials will enforce all rules as it relates to matters on the court.

• The League Director will enforce all rules on and off the court. The League Director has the final say on all matters, as it pertains to The nZone Men’s Basketball League.

• The team captain is responsible for informing all team members of the rules within this handbook.

• Captains must report any injuries immediately to one of The nZone’s employees.

VI. Referees

• Officials will enforce all rules on the court. Officials will adhere to all VHSL rules via Code of Conduct. If Officials are in violation of their duties, then they will be:

  1. WorkDay suspension
  2. Suspension indefinitely

• Any issues regarding questionable eligibility need to be brought to the official’s attention PRIOR to the beginning of the game.

• Profanity and/or physical abuse of an official by a player or spectator will not be tolerated.

• The nZone Men’s Basketball League rules will be strictly adhered to unless contrary to these by-laws.

• Normally, two referees will officiate every game. If only one official is present, the game will be played unless the game is deciding a playoff win or auto. If no officials are present, the game will be rescheduled.

VII. Court and Equipment

• Games will be played on Court A or Court B of The nZone.

• All players must wear athletic shoes. Street shoes are not permitted in the gymnasium. Sandals may be worn only to preserve game shoes when traveling to and from the gym.

• Players may ONLY bring water into the gymnasium. Food, beverages, and Gatorade are not permitted in the gymnasium.

• All teams are required to provide their own jerseys. Like colors are necessary, but not required. No team can have the same colored jersey as another team. (First come first serve basis)

• If both teams are the same shade of color, the Home team must change jerseys or wear pinnies.

• The following equipment is legal: ace bandages, head bands, soft pliable knee pads or ankle pads, and mouth pieces. Officials will make decisions according to NFHS rules.

• The following equipment is illegal—ALL JEWELRY EXCEPT: smooth wedding bands, all pads or braces worn above the waist, braces worn below the waist made of any type of hard or unyielding material, any slippery or sticky substance on the body or equipment.

• Only roster and guest players are permitted to sit on the team bench. ONLY ONE (1) PERSON is allowed to stand while on the bench (this person is either the coach or acting coach). ONLY team members on the roster (and the possible guest player) are allowed on the bench. All spectators are required to sit in the stands. This will be enforced!

VIII. Game Rules

The game will be played with a running clock of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with the clock stopping at the last two minutes of the FIRST AND SECOND HALF on each dead ball. There is a new Mercy Rule in effect DURING the 2nd half:

If a team is up by 30+ points or more at the 10:00 mark

If a team is up by 25+ points or more at the 5:00 mark

If a team is up by 20+ points or more at the 2:00 mark

The clock stops for time outs, half time, and injuries. The clock will stop on technical and flagrant fouls. Half time will be a 3 minute maximum.

• Each team is given Four (4), thirty (30) second time-outs per game.

• Dunking is permitted, but no hanging on the rim.

• Line-ups with last names and numbers must be submitted to the scorekeeper before the start of the game.

• Overtime during regular season and playoffs will consist of:

                     1 st overtime: (4) minute running clock, with clock stopping in the last two minutes on all dead balls.

                     2 nd overtime: (3) minute running clock, with clock stopping in the last two minutes on all dead balls.

                     3 rd + overtime: (2) minute running clock, with clock stopping in the last two minutes on all dead balls.

• Players must check in at the scores table when subbing for another player. Failure to do so will result in a technical team foul.

• Each player is allowed six personal fouls before leaving the game. Technical fouls count toward this number.

• Technical fouls:

  1. A player is permitted 1 technical foul per game. If a player receives a second technical foul, that player will be removed from the game.
  2. Two ejections in one season will result in a 1-game suspension.

• Fighting will result in a ban from the league and possibly loss of The nZone privileges.

• Free Throws: Players on the free throw lane may enter the lane upon the release of the ball from the free throw shooter; while the free throw shooter and all other players outside the 3-point arc must wait for the ball to hit the rim.

IX. Forfeits 

• A team may start a game with 4 players.

• The scorekeeper will call a forfeit if the team does not have 4 players at the start of the game.

• Forfeit time is five (5) minutes after scheduled game time OR five (5) minutes after the previous game.

• A forfeit is recorded as a loss. In the event of a double forfeit, both teams receive a loss. * Both teams may request the game be rescheduled if both parties contact the league coordinator with 48 hours of the loss.

• If a team forfeits two games, they become subject to being dropped from the league.

• There shall be no postponement of games. A team that foresees a conflict with a particular game and notifies The nZone 24 hours or more prior to the game will be credited with a loss, but not charged a forfeit fee (if applicable). Teams may only use this rule once. The next time, team will be subject to penalty.

• No Refunds are made after a team has participated in one game.

• Teams which drop or are dropped from the league lose any playoff rights and the right to reclaim any part of their entry fee.

X. Playoffs

• The playoffs will be determined by league standings.

• Seeding will be determined by wins versus losses. In case of a tie in scheduling, the team that won in the first meeting will have a half game ahead. If that cannot determine a tie, point differential will determine the seeding between the two teams. If that is still a tie, then the losses against such teams on the schedule will break the tie.

Any questions regarding these rules can be brought to the Director of Adult Leagues, contact them here.