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Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K

I know I can…I know I can…I know I can…Run A 5K Race


You absolutely CAN run a 5K with confidence when you register for this guided program led by master trainer Kathy Duke.  Couch to 5K is a six-week progressive program providing weekly workouts, one weekly meeting, and group support culminating in the completion of a 5K race.  Designed to accommodate all fitness levels, this program will allow individuals to train consistently at their own pace with the goal of completing a 5K race.  Ongoing online support and information sessions touch on healthy habits that will aid in the goal of running or walking the 3.1 miles as well as enhancing and maintaining individual well being.  Topics will include nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle balance.

When:  October 5th- November 9th

Where:  The nZone Fitness Center and around facility

Cost:  $45 per person (member), $55 per person (non-member)

Register here:

What you can expect:

You’ll meet for a weekly workout and check-in.  Workouts will begin with walking 2.5-3.5 miles, adding in running intervals as the program progresses.  Each participant will be starting and progressing at his/her own level.  The group will receive weekly workout plans with distance, times and days off to be completed at the nZone gym, home, or wherever you are…even on vacation!  You’ll stay connected and receive communication and support through a closed Facebook group and email.  We’ll meet rain or shine!

 Informational MeetingsTopics CoveredGoals
Week 1Walk/run intervals, up to 2 minutesHydration16-20 miles weekly
Week 2Walk/run intervalsFeet and Shoes18-20 miles weekly
Week 3Less walking, more run, up to 10 minutesNutrition 10118-20 miles weekly
Week 4Less walk, more run, up to 15 minutesLifestyle Balance17. miles weekly
Week 5Building more run time, up to 25 minutesSleep20 miles weekly
Race DaynZone's Back2School Bash 5K Run
August 24th
5K REGISTER HEREComplete 5K and have FUN!!!

Meet Kathy Duke, Master Trainer

Kathy’s passion for exercise led her to obtain her fitness certification & begin teaching fitness classes over 25 years ago.  She has enjoyed opportunities to both learn & teach about fitness and health.  Kathy grew up on a small farm and has volunteered on a rescue squad, taught yoga, loves to hike, and practice Tae Kwon Do.  Running and riding horses make her happy.

Kathy’s work & life experience have kindled an appreciation for resiliency and the potential for a better quality of life.  Her motto:  no effort is ever wasted.

Her philosophy is that small changes, done incrementally with consistency, have the most impact and build confidence.

What we consume and the quality of our rest are equally as important as a solid exercise program. When working with a client or teaching class, the focus is on the work done that day, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. I’m teaching wellness for the long haul.

Kathy believes at The Nzone you will find a wide variety of classes and programs for all ages in addition to a supportive exercise community. We agree!  You can catch Kathy coaching Adrenaline Tuesdays at 12:10 pm, and Thursdays at 8:30 am!

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