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Kids Fitness Classes

Kids Fitness Classes

Keep your kids active and feeling great with the nZone Kids Fitness Membership. They’ll love Kids Kickboxing, Yoga, Bootcamp, Rollercise and more. It’s all included in an nZone Kids Fitness Membership. PLUS they have access to the fields and courts with an adult during open and members-only time.

Help your kids develop healthy habits and enjoy working out with experienced exercise instructors who love kids and have a passion for fitness. Check out our class listing here then stop by the front desk and register your kids for a fitness membership.

This unique program is only available at the nZone. Each class was built with your 2 to 12-year-old in mind. Your kid will have fun and build a lifelong habit of physical fitness at the same time. We will be adding additional classes each season so please check this page frequently. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Here are some of the classes available for your child:

  • All-Star Sports Training
    Join our Kids Fitness Athletic Trainer Mr. Billy to learn foundational skills essential for all sports including agility, strength, speed and coordination. Mr. Billy will also cover some basic techniques of the most popular sports including soccer, basketball, and more.
  • Animal Yoga
    Many yoga poses are named after animals. In fact, some postures actually mimic the shape of an animal. From the Cobra to the Flying Eagle, the Downward Dog to the Pigeon Pose, or the Cat, Cow and Fish positions, your preschooler will have fun learning how to stretch, strengthen, and relax in a stress-free environment. Yoga increases flexibility, balance, and even improves focus and memory. This class is a great start to a healthy lifestyle and lifelong benefits of yoga exercise.
  • Balance & Strength
    Increase your child’s coordination, power, balance and strength as they learn how to master stabilization and power exercises. Balance and strength training for kids help improve not only physical coordination, but also memory and speech skills.
  • Ballet/Jazz:
    Bring your little ballerinas for an introduction to ballet and jazz. Each class they’ll learn new techniques and positions that will develop grace, good posture, flexibility, strength, balance and agility. Paired with classical ballet, jazz offers rhythms and artistic dance movements that kids love.
  • Energy Express
    Your young one has a TON of energy! This class is specially designed to allow your child channel their high level of energy into fun fitness activities while also embracing essential learning concepts for this age including creativity, sharing, and functional thinking.
  • Hip Hop:
    Your kids will be breaking out new moves (and getting stronger!) in this energetic, super fun class. This popular freestyle dance form incorporates the latest dance moves and the hottest tunes. It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn the basics and then create their own style. Clean lyrics and age-appropriate moves are guaranteed!
  • Move n’ Groove:
    Your preschooler will learn basic rhythms and movement by moving and grooving to new tunes each week. You can expect lots of jumping, clapping and laughing!
  • Superhero Fit Kids:
    Young kids LOVE to use their imagination. Why not pair up their playful creativity with fitness? Your little one will be crawling, jumping and leaping into excitement to go on the fitness quest of the day pretending to be their favorite superhero.
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