Adult Fitness Studio Classes

Adult Fitness Studio Classes

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nZone Adult Fitness Classes blend a variety of new formats, styles and instructors to help you reach your goals and have fun doing it. 

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As one of Northern Virginia’s most versatile fitness centers, nZone offers Studio Fitness Classes that meet social distancing guidelines.  To comply with COVID-19 regulations and ensure members receive maximum benefits, all classes (including online classes) now require registration. Registration will open 36 hours before the beginning of class and will not close until class starts.  Class size is limited.  

We encourage all participants to bring their own mats/yoga blocks to class. In the case of inclement weather, outdoor classes will be moved indoors to the Keg Room, a field space, or will be moved online. Participants who have completed registration will be notified of any changes.  If you have any trouble registering, or have any questions about the process, please contact the nZone welcome team, 703-266-0118.

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Fitness Class Descriptions

  • Barre: An upbeat, fun, and challenging class combining ballet-inspired movement, pilates, yoga, and light cardio. This class utilizes the ballet barre, a small ball, and light weights to lengthen and sculpt your body.
  • Cardio 30. This high-intensity cardio class will get your heart pumping and your metabolism roaring in just 30 minutes. The combination of music-driven sets with timed intervals will keep your body guessing all while having a great time!
  • Core 30. A 30-minute class designed specifically to train the muscles in the abs, obliques, glutes, and lower back. An emphasis on flexibility and balance makes this great as a stand-alone workout, but would also be effective to tack onto the end of any strength or cardio workout. 
  • HIIT Cardio. The ultimate fat-burning workout. Alternating high-intensity intervals with low-intensity and rest intervals, you will get your heart pumping and continue to burn calories long after you leave class. 
  • Just Dance:  The fun of the Latin-inspired dance party you already love…with a new name.  A mix of high and low impact moves makes this fun cardio conditioning class feel like you’re not even “work”ing out but you’ll definitely see the results!
  • Kick-n-chisel:  Get ready to kick and punch your way to a fitter you!  This hybrid Cardio kickboxing and muscle-sculpting working will increase stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle.
  • Lunch Crunch. A complete workout in just 45 minutes! Get your strength, cardio, core, and flexibility all in one burst. Grab some post-workout fuel from the cafe on the way out and you have made a great choice with your lunch hour! 

    nZone Strength. A full-body strength workout in three parts: power (larger muscles in the legs, chest, and back); toning/endurance training (smaller muscles in the legs and arms); and core/stretching. The combination of rhythmic lifting to the beat of great music and timed, interval work (at your own pace) creates variety which is crucial to improving your fitness level quickly! All levels are welcome!

  • POUND: The world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Pound is a full-body drumming workout that uniquely combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired moves using lightly weighted drumsticks.
  • REFIT®: Movement + music. Fun moves to great music that fits everyone!  Novice or expert, you’ll have so much fun, you’ll completely forget that you’re working out!
  • Strength 30. A 30-minute resistance workout designed to improve your power and your endurance through both high weight/low rep and low weight/high rep exercises. A variety of resistance equipment (dumbbells, barbells, bands, balls, body weight) will be used in order to make the most of your 30 minutes. Great cross-training for all athletes! All levels welcome.
  • Stretch 30. Stretch 30 gives you the opportunity to improve your mobility, flexibility and overall wellness. This class will offer a full 30 minutes of guided stretching exercises to help you recover from your most high-intensity workout and prepare you for your next one!
  • Stretch and Core. Core training with an emphasis on stretching. Improve your core strength, balance, and flexibility. Great as a stand-alone workout or as an extended cool down from a high-intensity workout. 
  • Tabata Fusion: Want to get a full-body workout before the day even begins? Using short timed intervals of intense exercise followed by a brief rest, the Tabata technique provides a full-body workout that has been shown to improve cardio output, burn fat, and protect muscle tissue! Strength conditioning, cardio, and core are all covered in this class, designed for all fitness levels. Start the morning off right!
  • Triple 20 will give you a complete, full-body workout in three 20-minute segments.  20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 20 minutes of core and stretching will give you everything you need to start reaching your fitness goals. Instructors will offer high-intensity and low-intensity options for all fitness levels! 
  • Yoga: In Vinyasa Yoga, we link breath to movement, while emphasizing strengthening and stretching. You will learn to find a balance between effort and ease in each pose, and come away feeling de-stressed, aligned, and refreshed in mind, body, and spirit! All fitness levels welcome.
  • Zumba: An exercise class in disguise, Zumba takes the “work” out of workout by combining all elements of fitness – cardio, conditioning, balance, and flexibility in one calorie-burning, Latin-inspired dance, fitness party! With a mixture of high and low-intensity moves, this class is designed for everybody!
  • Zumba Toning: Combines Latin-inspired dance and fitness to target strength training for arms, abs, legs, and thighs.

Customer Testimonials:

“I joined nZone last October at a friend’s urging, and I’m really happy. I started out doing Zumba on Saturdays with Tolkila, which I love. The real difference though was when Travis started teaching Maxed Out on Tuesday and Thursday. That class has dramatically changed my fitness level and enthusiasm. He continues to change it up every few weeks. Last week I was off for the Fourth of July, and tried yoga and Pilates. I just loved the yoga. Trish is fantastic. Anytime I am off work on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I will take that class. Travis also emailed me a personalized workout plan for my arms and shoulders, so I fit that in before or after classes when I can.”

“So I decided to try the Zumba class and there were lots of people, men and women, but it wasn’t overcrowded. Brittani, the instructor, and her friend Ashley, were so fun and upbeat. They made the class so much fun! It was definitely a tough workout but, hey, I used to dance that much at a club and paid a lot more for the cover charge! I had so much fun, I decided to buy a membership. Only $30 for a month to month membership! There are lots of classes to choose from; my membership will definitely be put to great use. And each family member you add on is less expensive. Such a great deal!”

“Following a traumatic brain injury, I had been suffering from lack of coordination, poor balance and a whole lot more. I joined The nZone, as soon as it opened and was under the impression that it would just be like other gyms I had joined in the past; and that I’d probably not see any improvements in my condition. After about a year of taking classes at The nZone, not only do I feel better physically and emotionally; but also my balance and overall condition has improved dramatically. The terrific instructors and staff are very accommodating and readily available.”

Have questions about an adult fitness class? Contact our Director of Group Fitness Classes.

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