At nZone, we recognize the hard work,
planning, and passion
that goes into the decision
to homeschool your child.

With this in mind,
we created
the nSpire Homeschool
Enrichment program. 

In 6-week sessions, your child has the opportunity to participate in a variety of interactive, engaging classes to complement your homeschool curriculum. From art and gymnastics to science, music, and cooking, your child works in small groups to explore, create, and wonder.

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility to custom-design the education your child needs. nSpire provides the flexibility you need and the inspiration you desire to develop the curriculum to help your child thrive and grow.

  • We have a new line up of classes for the 2020-21 school year. Stay tuned for a class schedule!
  • nSpire classes are a part of Education Station and available for all students in our Partnership Solutions.
  • Classes are designed for students ages 3 years to 15 years.

2020-21 Class Schedule

How We nSpire

Our safe, secure check-in system, allows you to check-in your child to class and then go get a quick workout in or simply have some quiet time to work on co-op plans or enjoy the company of other like-minded parents.

You may also drop your child off, have some time to yourself, and come back when the classes are finished. 

Lots of retail stores are located nearby to make shopping and errands easier.

Pack a lunch for your kids or purchase pizza and snacks from nSpire.

Or you could swing back to nZone and have lunch with your kids.

Add on supervised lunch and recess to extend your day!

Need a quiet room to plan your weekly co-ops while your kid is doing fitness or academics? Ask our Director of Youth Programming, Becca Daza, for availability. – (W) 703-266-0118 –(C) 703-577-6804

For additional questions, thoughts, comments, or suggestions please email our Director of Youth Programming, Becca Daza

September 2020

Art (ages 5-10) – $75
“Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso.  Each child will learn to express themselves using different mediums from acrylics to clay to felt.  They will also learn about a different artist each week, practicing some of the techniques that were unique to that artist.  Students will create a unique art project to take home after each class.

Cooking Classes (ages 4-7 AND ages 8+)- $120
Is your child interested in learning how to make delicious meals from scratch? Students in this intermediate level class will create different dishes each week. They will learn more advanced kitchen skills like food safety, basic knife skills, and other culinary techniques.  After sampling their creations, they will go home with recipes and leftovers.

Math Games $75

Who doesn’t love a good game? Games provide the opportunity to explore number concepts, patterns, facts, and strategies as well as build cooperation and sportsmanship skills. In this fun-filled class, students will learn a variety of different math games for all ages which will strengthen their math skills without even realizing it!

Nifty Fifty (U.S. Geography) $75

Which state has the only active diamond mine in the USA? In which state can you see grasshoppers frozen inside a glacier? Which state is home to the geographic center of the country? We live in one amazing country. Students will learn all about the 50 states including capitals, flowers, interesting facts, location, and state birds.

Physical Education powered by TrueAP (P.E.) (ages 5-15) – $75
We are excited to announce that we have reached out to the experts at True Athlete Performance to help run our Physical Education class this Fall. This class will be run by a knowledgeable TrueAP Trainer that will lead the 6-week class. This class will include Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Speed and Agility, Balance and coordination, and much more! We are very excited to be partnering with TrueAP for this class and we hope that you will join us for the fun!

Sloppy Science (all ages) – $75
It’s no surprise that kids learn best when they can explore and try things for themselves. Come check out our sloppy science class in action, while we make chemical reactions, collect data, and make a big mess. Your budding scientist will experience our amazing world hand on….the best part? You won’t have to clean anything up!!

Spanish $75

We provide a fun, introductory-level Spanish class for all ages. This class offers an opportunity for children to broaden their horizons in a low-pressure environment. We use games and interactive activities to help students put their newfound vocabulary to use in everyday activities!

STEM (ages 6-12) – $120
Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, with a lot of creativity, teamwork, and FUN!  Students will work in teams to create and complete projects using 3D printing, Stop-motion animation, and other techniques.

Past Course Catalog

5 in a Row (ages 4-8) – “The goal of our instruction is to lead children to fall in love with good books and to embrace the joy of learning.” – FIAR.  Following the well-loved program by Julie Claire Lambert, students will gather to hear one book each week. As a class, they will complete a hands-on activity corresponding to the story of the day. At the end of each lesson, the student will be provided a list of other enrichment activities that can be completed at home.

American Sign Language (ASL) (all ages) – In this ASL class, children come home excited to showcase their new skills in translating basic conversation and fun songs. Children will be learning American Sign Language phrases, mannerisms, and conversation starters. ASL ranks as one of the top five languages in the U.S. The benefits of learning ASL include: boosted brain function through bilingualism, expanded visual perception, spelling proficiency, problem-solving, cognitive flexibility, cultural awareness, and much more!

Baseball Training (ages 5-10) – Is your child interested in learning the fundamentals of baseball? This class will help breakdown your child’s skills on the field and learn the basics of fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, and base running. Coach Adam’s class is great for inexperienced and experienced athletes alike; participants will gain a better understanding of the game!

JR. Builders (ages 4-10) – Does your child love to build? Come learn some basic engineering techniques to put that imagination to use! Students will work in teams to build with a variety of LEGOs, learning how to create the tallest tower and strongest walls. Together, the will dream, design, and build creations that will impress everyone!

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm Madness (ages 5-15) – Discover, create, build, and program!  Participants will work together to build and program a robot that can move, spin, grab, and talk.  Participants will use bricks, motors, and sensors to build their creations.  They will learn how to program the robot’s actions.  This class will take any love of Legos and robots to the next level.  NOTE:  This class is 90 minutes.

Outdoor Adventures (ages 6-12) – “Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.” – Stephen Moss.  In this class, students will learn the basics to have their own camping adventure including multiple ways to build a campfire, pitch a tent, tie useful knots and cook a meal outdoors.  This class is perfect for anyone who loves being outside in the rain or sunshine!

STEM (ages 6-12) – Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, with a lot of creativity, teamwork, and FUN!  Students will work in teams to create and complete projects using 3D printing, Stop-motion animation, and other techniques.