Class Schedule and Costs

Class Times
9 a.m. Gymnastics - Level II
10 a.m.LEGO Robotics - 90 minute class
Gymnastics - Level I

11 a.m.Medieval Unit Study
$75/session (Session 1 only)
12 p.m.Lunch and Recess
$5 per day without parent present
1 p.m.Creative Writing
Sloppy Science
Sports Science
2 p.m.4-7 year old Cooking
$120/session includes supplies
Intermediate Ballet
Outdoor Adventures
3 p.m.8+ year old Cooking
$120/session includes supplies
Beginner Ballet
Physical Education (PE)

*NOTE:  All supply fees are included in class costs.  Students under age 7 must have a parent present for the LEGO Robotics class.


Fall Class Descriptions:

Around the World Geography (all ages) – Take a trip around the world with us, you won’t even need a passport!  Students will learn about a different country each week.  They will learn common phrases, the capital, cultural facts, and maybe even sample some traditional foods or play some cultural games.

Acrylics (ages 8-15) – Students will learn acrylic painting techniques such as over-painting, stippling, graffito, dry brush, and more! Students will apply what they learn onto 2D materials (paper, canvas, and board). The instructor will demonstrate various strategies for painting still life compositions, portraits, and/or landscapes. Students will have the choice to follow the class example or apply their skills to create a unique painting. This class is perfect for beginners and for experienced art students!

Art (ages 5-10) – “Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso.  Each child will learn to express themselves using different mediums from acrylics to clay to felt.  They will also learn about a different artist each week, practicing some of the techniques that were unique to that artist.  Students will create a unique art project to take home after each class.


Beginners (ages 3+) – Students will move and spin while they learn the basics of classical ballet. This class is intended for younger students and those who are just beginning their journey into the world of ballet.

Intermediate – Students in this class will continue their journey into the world of ballet, practicing balance, poses, and flexibility.  The class is intended for older students, or those who have had experience with ballet.

Cooking Classes for beginners (ages 4-7)-   Does your child always want to help out in the kitchen? Students in this beginner level class will learn kitchen safety as well as basic cooking techniques.  They will stir, mix, and fold ingredients together to create delicious dishes, featuring ingredients they may not be used to.  After they sample their cooking, they will go home with recipes and leftovers.

Cooking Classes for intermediate (ages 8+)- Is your child interested in learning how to make delicious meals from scratch? Students in this intermediate level class will create different dishes each week. They will learn more advanced kitchen skills like food safety, basic knife skills, and other culinary techniques.  After sampling their creations, they will go home with recipes and leftovers.

Creative Writing (ages 10-15) – Students will learn to express themselves, convey their messages in thoughtful ways and engageg their readers.  They will create their own works as well as study works of experienced writers.  They will learn what makes writing interesting as well as what elements can be used to make their writing come alive.

Gymnastics:  Did you know that Gymnastics is one of most beneficial sports that children can participate in? And physical fitness is just the beginning! Gymnastics provides children with improved mental clarity and focus, increased bone health, muscle strength and builds self- confidence! Children who participate in Gymnastics and other organized sports are more likely to have positive social interactions, less sick visits and more self-esteem!  Our partners, the professionals at LOCO Gymnastics in Ashburn, will be teaching the classes.

Recreational LEVEL 1: Introductory program designed for ages 3-10. Introduces skills and concepts such as body awareness, body placement and position, focus and listening. Children will learn to do table tops, forward and back rolls, handstands etc.

Recreational LEVEL 2: Advanced course offered once all level 1 requirements have been met. Skills become more challenging, class times increase and longer attention span is required during instruction. Children continue to build upon all skills in level 1 and advance to beam dismounts, compound floor skills and routines and bar and vault work.

LEGO Robotics Mindstorm Madness (ages 5-15) – Discover, create, build, and program!  Participants will work together to build and program a robot which can move, spin, grab, and talk.  Participants will use bricks, motors, and sensors to build their creations.  They will learn how to program the robot’s actions.  This class will take any love of Legos and robots to the next level.  NOTE:  This class is 90 minutes.

Medieval Unit Study (ages 5-14)– Take a trip through time to learn all about the Middle Ages. In this hands on class, students will learn about all things medieval, including knights and the code of chivalry, castle and cathedral architecture, and legends of heroes like King Arthur and Robin Hood. This class brings history to life for students to experience medieval life for themselves!

Music (all ages) – “Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato.  Students will begin to learn the building blocks of music.  They will practice solfedge, learn about music notes, rhythm and beats all while having fun and jammin’ out.

Outdoor Adventures (ages 6-12) – “Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.” – Stephen Moss.  In this class, students will learn the basics to have their own camping adventure including multiple ways to build a camp fire, pitch a tent, tie useful knots and cook a meal outdoors.  This class is perfect for anyone who loves being outside in the rain or sunshine!

Physical Education (P.E.) (all ages) – Kids will learn a new sport each week.  From the fundamental sports basics to more advanced skills, kids will have a blast and break a sweat.  We’ll teach them the rules, the essentials of teamwork, and how to be a winner on and off the playing field.

Sloppy Science (all ages) – It’s no surprise that kids learn best when they can explore and try things for themselves. Come check out our sloppy science class in action, while we make chemical reactions, collect data, and make a big mess. Your budding scientist will experience our amazing world hand on….the best part? You won’t have to clean anything up!!

Sports Science (ages 10+) – We’ll translate the American love of baseball into an appreciation, understanding and passion of the science and mathematics underlying the sport using the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Science of Baseball initiative.

STEM (ages 6-12) – Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, with a lot of creativity, teamwork, and FUN!  Students will work in teams to create and complete projects using 3D printing, Stop-motion animation, and other techniques.