Fitness and Nutrition is great! What about Mind and Craftsmanship?

The nZone is a place to get your body moving and muscles growing, but what about your brain?? The KidZone Enrichment Program is a culmination of activities to help your kid expand their mind with new experiences! Learn how to whip up a delicious meal or how to make a lava lamp using homemade materials!

UP NEXT: Junior Chef’s at the nZone!

Here at The nZone, we do things a bit differently! We promote creativity, learning and fun! Come join us for our monthly enrichment program for your growing child or young adult. This month enjoy a fall themed cooking session! Your Junior Chef will learn how to make a delicious meal with a few side dishes that will make your grandmamma proud! Every month will be a new adventure!

  • We will also be accepting any dry food donations to help support our Passion for Community Program so bring in anything you want to donate for others in need!

  • Cost: $15 per child (Children under 4 are to be accompanied by parents; parents are free!)
  • Date: November 1st, 2018 at 2:00pm at The nZone
  • What to bring: Dried food for donations and empty stomachs to test your creations!
  • Contact: Youth Programs Director Sean Daza for any further information
  • Coming next month: Homemade bubbles and volcanic eruptions? #ScienceatThenZone