Adult Recess League

Adult Recess League

Remember those days sitting in class anxiously counting down the minutes for the recess bell…?

Well, we feel like you deserve some recess!

Join us at The nZone with Knockerball NOVA for our new Co-ed League “Adult Recess”!


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Adult Recess league is a social league with a hint of competitiveness. Each week, we will have two, back to back sessions (Recess) of 4 teams each. Each recess will consist of 3 games, two (2) non-competitive Sideline Games and one (1) competitive Main Event game. Each team will play each other once. Recess sessions are 75 minutes. Games will never repeat. Entire game schedule released before start the of the season.

Sample Sideline Games
Giant Jenga, Ladder Golf and Can Slam.

Sample Main Events (competitive):
Knockerball, Badminton, and Dodge-Ball.

4-week Fall Semester runs 10/18 through 11/8. Wednesdays.
8 Teams of 10 players each will be split into 2 Recess sessions.
Each Recess will run 75 minutes.
Bells ring: 7:30-8:45pm for Session 1
9:00-10:15pm for Session 2

What’s the damage for all this goodness say you? Only $40 per person! Team fee is $350 which means Captains/Organizers play free! Free agents welcome.

That’s 12 different games, 5 hours of team playtime, team shirt for each player and specials at local restaurants during the season.* Not to mention all the new peeps you’ll meet at this co-ed event. End of season Champs will take home a team trophy and individual gift bag.

Whether you’re a Brain, an Athlete, a Basketcase, a Princess or a Smooth Criminal, come show off your playground prowess at Adult Recess!

The Fine Print
Competitive Games will have a referee who will keep track of points, fouls and good times.

Each team should have a minimum of 2 female players per 4-player game and 2 female players per 5 & 6-player games.  Refs will keep track of each team’s competitive season and call a winner at the end of the semester. A minimum of 4 players from each team need to participate in Main Events.

Individual play-time may vary based on each team’s roster. Rosters and playtime should be managed by each team fairly. In the case that a team does not cycle their players, Administrators may make changes to a team’s participation roster to allow everyone to play as many times as possible. Please be fair to each other…this is Adult Recess!

Rosters must be given to Administrators prior to the beginning of each Recess session. Local restaurant discounts may vary depending on the restaurant. Free agents or solo participants may be placed in teams based on openings and availability.

Failure to field the minimum amount of players at the start of a Main Event will automatically be considered a forfeit. Teams may still play but forfeiting team will take a Loss for that game.

Any last-minute adjustments that are made due to attendance, participation will be done to the best of our staff’s ability.

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