Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Neil Ehrlich’s American Karate

Success in achieving your goals, guided by the personal attention of our coaches, is one of the many features that makes American Karate exceptional. Our unique system of interval training, on a variety of training aids and partner drills, is making training more beneficial and fun for students of all ages. The American Karate program in Chantilly, VA is a modern martial arts style consists of the best techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Kung fu, and Karate.  American Karate is a great way for children to build great life skills.  Whatever your goals: fitness, improved confidence, self-defense, increased discipline, or competition; the coaches at American Karate are always there with positive reinforcement helping you achieve your goals.

We offer American Karate programs at The nZone for the entire family. If you are of the competitive type, our team frequently competes in local tournaments. Check our blog to see announcements.

Teens/Adults: Ages 13+

The American Karate program includes skills development, sparring drills, traditional forms, and self-defense training. Are you the competitive type? We train for, attend and even host regional Martial Arts Tournaments. In it just for the fitness aspect? No worries, you don’t have to compete to be a part. Just come and get a great workout while having fun and learning something new.

Juniors: Ages 8-12

With the cutbacks in physical education programs in our public schools, we want to give American Karate juniors a beneficial physical fitness program through contemporary and traditional martial arts training. We will be working with our juniors on improving their coordination, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular condition. Seeing these changes will boost their self-esteem like nothing else. In addition, we work on their manners and mutual respect for one another.

Mini Warriors: Ages 4-8

Our MINI WARRIOR classes are unlike any other martial arts program for these youngsters. We know that in a positive, fun environment they can and will succeed. We talk to them about respect, effort, honesty, school, and being a good family member.

American Karate

  • Professional Instruction – Our certified, Black Belt Coaches will give you the personal attention necessary to accomplish your goals.
  • Modern Teaching Methods – Progress checks every ten classes, positive reinforcement, and our Coaches’ encouragement ensures your progress and development.
  • Unlimited Classes – Come as often as you are able, six days a week.
  • Discounts on Family Memberships

Monthly Tuition:

  • $99 Unlimited Classes
  • $90 Second Family Member (10% off)
  • $75 Third Family Member (25% off)
  • $55 Fourth Family Member (50% off)



5:30 Junior/Teen/Adult
7:30 Teen/Adult


11:00 Adult/Teen
4:30 Junior/Mini Warrior


5:30 Junior/Teen/Adult
7:30 Teen/Adult


11:00 Teen/Adult
4:30 Mini Warriors/Junior
8:00 Adult/Teen


6:00 Junior/Teen/Adult


11:30 Mini/Junior
12:15 Teen/Adult

Neil Ehrlich`s American Karate Friendship Tournament

The Martial Arts Experience

April 7th 2018

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