Still Need Volunteer Hours?

Great! We Need Volunteers!

We know our High School students still need to log volunteer hours for all their clubs and college admissions. Students can opt to volunteer during the hours provided for each position. Sign Up Today!

Volunteers Earn Member Benefits

Student volunteers receive a FREE Fitness Center Membership when volunteering 4+ hours each month! Students must be 16 years or older to use the Fitness Center without a parent or guardian on site. Students ages 15 and under may use the Fitness Center with a parent or guardian.

Brand Ambassador

When? School days 3-8PM. Weekend hours vary.

Learn all you can about nZone programs to answer questions inside and outside the facility.

Utility Player

Our Utility Players do a little bit of everything around the nZone.

When? School days from 3-6PM.

Assist in turning over courts from Education Station to Basketball league play, COVID compliance cleaning; program maintenance.

nZone Communications

nZone Communications Volunteers help with messaging.

When? Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-4PM.

Assist in developing programs, creating content, messaging, and distribution.

Some Volunteers Might Turn into nZone Staff!

Yep, we’ve had our eye on you. Successful volunteers turn into Successful Staff! We love hearing that you’re having such a great time volunteering that you’d like to make this more permanent. Volunteers serving for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks receive premium onboarding opportunities.