nZone athletes master the fundamentals, develop sport-specific skills, and build character. Sportsmanship is the number one trait for nZone athletes.

Football Is Back!

nZone’s youth flag football league provides a safe place for your child to compete and have fun. We pride ourselves in coaching proper technique, teaching good sportsmanship, and assisting in the development, both on and off the field.

Youth Flag Football is a Co-Ed League. Boys and girls play together on team, developing skills, learning sportsmanship, and building character.

First Game: January 9, 2021!

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Youth Flag Football is a Co-Ed League. Boys and girls play together on team, developing skills, learning sportsmanship, and building character.

Two Skills and Agility Days — Athletes may attend one or two sessions

No Games between Christmas and New Years!

8 Regular Season Games

1 Single elimination tournament day


REQUIRED GEAR — Mouthpiece, shorts WITHOUT pockets, no metal spike cleats

Age Groups: 6 yr-9 yr old, 9 yr-12 yr old, 12 yr-15 yr old.

If your child’s age group falls into two categories and has never played flag football then we recommend registering into the lower age bracket.

Price: $165 per athlete
includes $25 non-refundable fee

Teammate Requests. We cannot guarantee any team requests.

Sportsmanship, sportsmanship, sportsmanship! Parents, please let the coaches coach and let the players play! We encourage cheering at the top of your lungs but ask that any coaching from the stands is left for after the game.

Equipment. Players will not be allowed to play without a mouthguard. Athletes should wear shorts with NO POCKETS and arrive with a great attitude. Metal spike cleats are not allowed on our turf fields.

Schedule. All game times will be emailed out before the start of the season. Games are 10am-6pm on Saturdays. The first 15 minutes will be for team practice, followed by a 45-minute game. There will be no practices throughout the week.

Wanna Coach? If you are interested in becoming a coach for your athlete’s team, please contact Parker Lamarre ([email protected]). There will be a maximum of 2 coaches per team with an 8-week commitment. If you cannot coach all 8 games but have another parent willing to take your spot that will work as well.

These Game Times are for planning purposes. A full schedule with your child’s game times will follow after Skills & Drills sessions. This is for planning purposes. Please know, all game times reflect COVID-19 Compliance Measures:

  • 1015-11:15*
  • 11:30-12:30*
  • 12:45-1:45*
  • 2:00-3:00*
  • 3:15-4:15*
  • 4:30-5:30*
Stars 6YR-9YR 6v6* 15 MINS 40 MINS
Superstars 9YR-12YR 6v6* 15 MINS 40 MINS
All-Stars 12YR-15YR 5V5* 15 MINS 40 MINS

nZone is leading the way in the sports and fitness industry.

  • Athletes are limited to one spectator.
  • All coaches, referees, and spectators must wear a mask.
  • Everyone entering the nZone must have an active/valid waiver on file, complete screening questionnaire, receive a touch-free temperature check, and answer non-invasive health screening questions.
  • Our facility maintains the highest standards in sanitization, including smart cleaners that keep surfaces clean for up to 90 days.
  • Our turf fields are regularly cleaned for maximum safety.
  • All equipment is fully sanitized.
  • You can read more about COVID Preparedness here.

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League Coordinators: Deja King & Parker Lamarre

Youth Basketball:

nZone Youth Basketball is powered by Slam City, a Jr. NBA Flagship partner. Slam City programs are constructed with the intent of making players play intelligent basketball, train efficiently and with purpose, to be an extension of the coach on the court, and to lead on and off of the court in every aspect of life.

Youth Basketball League

League Dates: Jan 9th -March 13th
Registration Deadline: December 15TH

3rd – 8th grade boys
6th – 8th grade girls
Sign Up for 2 Divisions: Middle School Division or Open League

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Youth Basketball Training

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