H.I.I.T. stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and is the ultimate fat burning and body sculpting workout. The idea is that you have a period of very intense exertion, followed by a less intense segment. H.I.I.T. challenges your cardio endurance, and hits every major muscle group for your strength and core training; a true full body workout. This class will maximize your calories burned, and will firm and strengthen your entire body.

What can beginners expect? 

As a beginner, you can expect a challenging workout that gives your body exactly what it needs. The instructor will show modifications to each exercise to match your intensity level and to accommodate any physical limitations you may have.

 What can more advanced participants expect?

This class is so varied, you will never get bored of doing the same thing over and over. It keeps your muscles challenged, so you’re always getting a good workout. Plus, there are always more intense variations of each exercise for people really looking to push themselves.

Meet Your Instructor

About Emily Boccia

“When I was 18, I played field hockey. I wanted to start on the team, so in order to improve my game, my coach brought me to the gym and it was there I was introduced to fitness and fell in love with group exercise. Prior to high school graduation, I attained my group fitness certification through AFFA. I have been teaching ever since.  I’ve taught step, spinning, kickboxing and everything in between, but my favorite class to teach is HITT. I love how personalized the workout is for each individual in the class!

I now hold a Group Ex certification through the AFAA and am a certified personal trainer. My fitness philosophy is simple; show up, show up, show up. Not every workout is going to feel perfect, but if you don’t show up, it doesn’t matter anyway. And remember, keep your fitness routine varied! We all have workouts we love, but we need to challenge our bodies and try new things in order to really see the change we are looking for.”

What’s an interesting fact about yourself? “I qualified for the Boston marathon based on time.”

What is one thing that people always say about your class? “It’s challenging. I set an expectation to get you out of your comfort zone. People leave feeling accomplished. People come and experience success. They see themselves getting stronger.”

What would you say to someone who has never tried your class? “Take it! It meets you where you’re at. Really, you’re going to get in everything that fitness professionals talk about, but it’s a very efficient use of your time.”