Turbo Kick

High Intensity Cardio

Turbo Kick is a challenging, high intensity cardio group fitness class. We have fun, we keep the energy high, and we work hard.

Class Concept

  • Kickboxing moves choreographed to music to create a fun, high-intensity cardio class.

There are a lot of different kinds of kickboxing classes. Ours is a cardio kickboxing class, performed without a bag or boxing gloves. This class focuses on helping you get a great cardio workout while also strengthening and toning your muscles.

What can beginners expect?

This class will keep you moving, and that’s what’s important for beginners! Expect to be pushed to work hard, but feel free to take a break and catch your breath when you need to.

What can more advanced participants expect?

For advanced participants, we go all out, and there are always more challenging versions of the moves we do. You’ll definitely be challenged to push yourself.


Meet Our Instructor

About Vanessa

“I’m certified in group fitness and Turbo Kick. I’m a distance runner but have always loved the Turbo Kick classes. After participating as a student for over a year, and after being approached by so many people about teaching the class, I was like “maybe I should teach.” I’ve always had a passion for helping people, so now this is a way for me to help people through fitness. I teach Turbo because I LOVE it; I’ll never stop teaching because I love it so much.”

What’s an interesting fact about yourself? “I had a negative split on my first marathon in VA Beach. I ran it in 4.25.”