Stretching and Strengthening

After taking a Yoga class you’ll be more relaxed, less stressed, and will have gotten a great workout too! You couldn’t ask for much more out of an hour class.

Class Concept

  • Begin with moving and stretching.
  • Move into standing poses.
  • Strengthen your core and increase your flexibility

Yoga is a great group fitness class to start with because you gain the flexibility and core strength that you need to be successful in other classes and workout regimens. It’s easy to modify the movements to be less or more intense, so it’s accessible to all kinds of people.

What can beginners expect?

You can expect to do your own modification of each exercise and to leave feeling like you got a great workout! You’ll definitely improve your flexibility and possibly take care of some issues that often arise from stiff muscles.

What can more advanced participants expect?

We will give you options to take your practice to the next level and we’ll definitely make sure to give you a challenge. Yoga can enhance your other athletic activities by developing your core, balance, and flexibility.

Meet Our Instructors

About Tammy Taura

“I began as a Body and Soul student in 1984 and have always enjoyed exercising. I am certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Body and Soul Fitness Instructor and a Holy Yoga Instructor. I am married to my husband Ken and we have a son, Kyle and daughter, Elly. I am a MOPs Mentor Mom, love to travel, and love to dance!”


About Trish Tillman

“I am a RYT-200 (registered yoga teacher) as well as a purple belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and a Ph.D. student in history. I began practicing yoga as a way to deal with the stress of grad school, and never imagined that people would one day describe me as “bendy”. When I started I couldn’t even touch my toes! Yoga was an indispensable tool when I was recovering from and ACL and MCL tear.”