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Tips to keep you strong while shoveling snow

  It’s here!  It’s here!  Whether you call it Snowmaggedon 2016, Snowzilla or even the Jonas Brothers Blizzard,  it’s here!  And that means plenty of shoveling over the next few days. So how do you make sure you stay strong and don’t hurt yourself shoveling (you may laugh but there are over 11,000 who hurt themselves… Read more »

Kid’s Fitness Obstacle Course

Amanda, one of our Kid’s Fitness Instructors, shows us a great Obstacle Course you can create at home to encourage your family to be staying fit this summer. Check it out and share pictures of your family’s course below!  

Being Consistent

Heather Croxton, on of our Adrenaline Bootcamp Instructors and Personal Trainers at the nZone shares today’s FitTip.  She talks about being consistent in your workouts.

Walk the Plank with your Family

Jen Burns, our Kids Fitness Manager, introduces us to a fun exercise activity called, “Walk the Plank”. It’s a pirate theme exercise your whole family can do together.  Learn more about it below.

Intensity Over Volume

The nZone Fitness Director gives a quick look how Intensity Over Volume can increase results. Check out the video here!