We are super excited that our new roof is being installed! With substantial help from New Life Christian Church, this much needed project is finally here. The members of New Life have supported The nZone since it’s inception both physically and financially. We are grateful for their partnership in helping make The nZone such a great, safe, place for our community to come and have fun.

Speaking of fun, here’s some fun facts about how the roof is being installed. The old roof was a “built up” roof consisting of insulation, asphalt, and gravel on top of a metal decking. Over the past week, the gravel has been (mostly) removed and the workers are stripping off the asphalt and old insulation. After the old material is removed, a new layer of 6” of insulation and a rubber membrane coating will be installed to give us durable, watertight, roof once again.

The entire project should be completed right around Thanksgiving (hopefully before). Throughout the project there may be times that the pieces of the old roof material fall through some of the damaged decking. Our staff is working hard to keep the debris picked up, but if you happen to see any, please do us the favor of picking it up. We may also have to close a few areas for short periods of time (a day or less) during the installation. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be assured that we are working hard to minimize the impact to all of our customers and will do our best to communicate any changes to the programming schedules as we learn about them.