Adding kettlebells to your workouts is a great way to spice up your gym time. With kettlebells you can train for any goal – fat loss, strength and size and increasing your muscle endurance.

Another benefit of kettlebells is that they do not take up much room and are very portable. You are able to workout anywhere at any time. Here are some more benefits to using kettlebells:

  • Combines cardio and strength training in one. You essentially kill two birds with one stone. Adding kettlebells to your workout will allow your muscles to work hard while also picking up your heart rate.
  • Get rid of weight. Shed unwanted pounds using kettlebells. Kettlebell work is very intense and can be used as a form of HIIT cardio.
  • Whole body exercise movements. Your entire body will get a workout when doing a kettlebell routine.
  • Lower injury rates. Kettlebells strengthen ligaments and tendons, making joints more stable. By doing so you reduce your overall chance of injury.
  • Easy to learn. Anyone can do kettlebell exercises. They are easy and fun to learn, and can be used at any fitness level.