1. When you are looking for a Crossfit box, what should you be looking for?

The first thing I would say if you are looking to join a gym or get your fitness levels up, just go stop in at a crossfit gym to experience a normal class. A lot of notions for crossfit is an extreme level of fitness and total utter exhaustion (not saying you will never reach that haha). But, I equate that to wanting to play more pick-up basketball and you think Lebron is going to be at the court when you get there, its not going to happen. Most people are astonished that most gyms have a wide range of fitness levels and a workout that all those same people can complete within the same time domain.

2. What are the different options/programs Crossfit Hydraulic offers?

We offer a lot of different programs here at Hydraulic. We obviously offer crossfit, but included in your membership is gymnastics, powerlifting and olympic lifting. Taking each or either will help you with your WODs as well as gain overall strength. Each program takes the time focus on strictly the main lifts or movements for each. However, you get to do the assistance work that is beneficial to building those lifts and movements. We have great coaches leading these programs that have years of coaching experience as well as years of personal experience under the bar.

3. What is the experience of you and your other instructors?

We have a great staff that has a multitude experience in different areas that bring a well rounded staff. I have been a strength coach now for 10 years in many different ends of the spectrum. I was a college strength coach for almost 9 years including my internship in the weight room when I was still competing as college football player. In that time I trained 22 sports at three different schools, coached multiple professional athletes and two olympians.

Our Hydraulic Barbell and Crossfit Coach Matt Longworth, has been crossfitting since 2010 and made 2011 Crossfit Regionals. On top of competing as a crossfitter, he qualified and participated in 2016 Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championships. He as multiple certifications through Crossfit as well as USA Weightlifting.

Coach Ethan, brings years of experience in various sports as well as crossfit participating and coaching in all these sports. He runs our gymnastics program here at Hydraulic and recently got his Gymnastics certification through Crossfit. Ethan is also a certified Personal Trainer and takes many of our members through personal training to help with all facets of crossfit.

Coach Karen made the transition from a loving crossfit member to a full time coach during her time here at Hydraulic. She runs our Foundations program here at Hydraulic. She does a great job teaching and coaching people who are new to crossfit to fully understand all the movements that they will see in everyday class. She brings a lot of experience as a crossfitter to her job here as a coach and continues to compete in many crossfit events throughout the year.

4. What is the price and what do they get for that price?

Our price is $90 for unlimited crossfit, gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic lifting and our open gym times. During our open gym times we always have a coach present to work on anything they might need help on or do to the workout from that day.

5. Can you also talk about the community? Do you all do stuff outside of Crossfit that makes it feel like a “family”?

The best thing we offer here at Hydraulic is our community. We have a great group of people in all of our classes that are encouraging, supportive and competitive all at the same time. We do lots of things outside of the gym with different people hosting events for all of the holidays and major sporting events. We often compete in different competitions then will all meet up afterwards. You can usually always see a group of Hydraulic members get together just about every weekend to do something outside of the gym.