Looking for a new gym? Maybe you’ve just moved to the area, or maybe you want a change from working out at home. No matter the reason, choosing from the local gyms in your area instead of big chains can offer a lot of benefits.

Community-focused Service

The number one reason why local gyms can be preferable over chains is their more personal, invested service to their members. Their programs and staff are geared towards their individual communities, so not only will you get more individualized service, the programs and activities they offer will be oriented towards the needs of the community. This differs from a franchise of a chain, which is constrained by the services and programs that the chain as a whole offers.

Local Gyms can Better Motivate You

It might just be me, but when I go into a gym that’s part of a chain I feel like I can get lost in all the people. In a local gym, people tend to develop more of a community, so when I’m not there, I feel like people notice my absence. This is a great motivator to get me in the gym, because I know that if I slack off, someone will notice.

While we’re on the subject, most local businesses focus on creating community, because that’s what makes local business so great. Local gyms are no exception. Many times, group classes focus on creating community and getting to know each other. Feeling like you’re “in it together” can be a great motivator to stay active.

Local is Better

Sometimes local is better. Why? Because a local business can respond quickly and directly to the current needs of its customers. For gyms, a chain relies on the services offered by the chain as a whole. Local gyms can offer whatever they want, and can offer programs as soon as they can coordinate the instructors, equipment and space for the service. They are more flexible, which means that they can more readily meet your needs.

For instance, The nZone knew that many Homeschool parents were looking for ways to incorporate physical education into their curriculum, so they started Homeschool P.E. classes. That’s just one example of how a local business can respond directly to the needs of the community it serves.

Now that we’ve convince you that local gyms are the way to go, check out our tips on what to look for in local gyms.