Remember those long, monotonous workouts in high school? You probably don’t because your workout was built into the fun of competitive athletics with friends. When sifting through the locals gyms in your area, look for a family friendly environment with addictive exercise opportunities that make working out feel less like a chore.

Exercise has so many benefits. The Mayo Clinic mentions that exercise promotes better sleep, better moods, and better health. “Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.” You need to work out, and by joining a family friendly local gym, you are showing your children how to live a healthy lifestyle. According to CNN, “Declining opportunities for family interaction and increasing sedentary time at home represent a significant threat to our children’s health and wellness.” Working out together instills a lifelong love of physical activity and can strengthen your family bond.

What should families look for in local gyms?

It’s hard to find a place where families can go together and each have something fun and interesting to do. Families need friendly, exciting activities that are challenging for everyone. When people give reasons for why they can’t get in a good work out, time and child care are the culprits. They don’t have to be! Families should look for a gym that offers activities that get them active as a family. Gyms with adult sports leagues, youth camps, child supervision, and boot-camps are varied enough that everyone in the family can find something fun and challenging to do. (Here are 10 things you can do with your child to stay active).

What to look for:

  • Don’t just look for activities that appeal to every member of the family, look for activities and program that you can work up to. You might not be ready to try CrossFit, but there might be a day when you’re ready for more of a challenge, and you want to make sure you have options available.
  • Look for local gyms that have some kind of child supervision program. This allows you to tak a little time for yourself, while your children are being supervised in the same building.
  • Look for a gym that hosts some kind of adult sports league. It’s nice to be able to get back into a sport you used to play in a fun, competitive atmosphere. Whether it’s an adult basketball league or indoor soccer, playing a sport is a great way to stay active, and have some fun too!
  • When you prioritize your health and fitness, consider local gyms with activities that will keep your entire family engaged and excited about being active. The health opportunities for young and old will keep you physically fit, and the family friendly atmosphere will have your children begging to come back.