Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, a Los Angeles based duo, have developed a new and exciting workout program called POUND. What is POUND? Simply put, POUND is a new group fitness option that uses your favorite drumming moves to achieve an intense and energizing cardio workout.

What are the Benefits of a POUND Workout?

  • Burn up to 900 calories in a 45 minute session.
  • Sculpt and tone your midsection, while shrinking your arms and slimming your thighs.
  • Improve your endurance and stamina.
  • Increase your cardiovascular health.
  • Improve your rhythm
  • Reduce stress. The repetitive pounding movements help to release overall tension throughout the body.

We all air drum to our favorite drum solos because really, who can resist breaking out the air drums and drumming like they’re on stage at a live rock concert? With POUND, you get to use all your air drumming skills AND get a great workout while you’re at it!


What is an air drummer without proper drumsticks? “Ripsticks” are specifically engineered for your POUND class. Each stick adds 1/4 of a pound of weight to each of your drumming movements. By adding the slightest amount of weight, you will increase resistance in the shoulders, biceps, triceps, the back and even your core!

Get Ready to Rock

Now imagine a whole room full of like-minded rockers. “POUND”ing away in unison. The music is loud, the rhythm is thumping, the energy is high. There’s no escaping. But, why would you want to? For the next 30-45 minutes you’re a rock star.

So whether you’re a seasoned fitness veteran, or you’re trying to get back in shape, POUND is a blast, and a great workout too! And it’s so much fun, you won’t have any trouble being motivated to come back again and again for each class.