We’re giving you greater access to the nZone than ever before. Your favorite classes and youth programs are at your fingertips!

What’s the catch? Not a thing. Seriously. Be sure to log into your account first, so you can sign into the app with ease.

Your keytag is digital.

You’ll see a digital barcode on the app homescreen. Scan into the HUB or the Box from the barcode in the app.

Find Your Favorites!

  • Register for your favorite fitness class in Classes. You’ll find a few youth options in classes, including Before Care, After Care, and Kick’n It Afterschool.
  • Find your favorite Youth Program in the Programs section.


  • Reservations lets our members make a same-day reservation on an open field or court!
  • Packages available for best pricing.

Get Started

  1. Log into Account first. You cannot skip this step.
  2. Choose Access My Account to SEARCH for your profile before you opt to create a new account. Duplicate emails in accounts could make logging in a challenge.
  3. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll use exact same username and password to sign into the app!

Pro Tip: Your email address becomes your password!