Huh? A church at a sports complex? That’s right, New Life Christian Church meets at the nZone every Sunday morning. In fact, they not only meet here, they built the nZone.

Why would a church build the nZone?

New Life isn’t your normal church. They’ve been serving the community in unconventional ways for 20 years and have no plans to stop. So when it came time to build a building they set aside their needs (an auditorium with comfy seats) and built what a community survey said NoVa really needed. A safe place for kids to play after school. A safe place for them to learn some good old-fashioned values. Besides… sports are fun. Lots of churches do serious well (and that’s a good thing), but New Life Christian Church also does fun well. They believe that God appreciates fun and games as much as we do.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. New Life asks for nothing in return and won’t be pushy about God or their activities while you are at the nZone. But their desire is that when you have questions about God you’ll feel comfortable enough to check out the church that built the nZone.

For more info, visit our contact page, call 703-222-8836, or e-mail us. Ready to give the nZone a try? Fill out the form in the sidebar for a free week pass.