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Sports Party Add-Ons

Sports Party Add-Ons

Make Your Child’s Party One-of-a-Kind!

Customize your Sports party with any of these additional options. 


  • Substitute hot dogs and chips in place of pizza for an additional $25 for 13 kids; $13 per child after 13 children.
  • $35 Cake
  • $.50 each for Ice Cream Cups (minimum of 12 cups)
  • $18 Handcrafted 18″ cheese pizza from FUEL, with egg-free crust
  • $2 additional pizza toppings
  • $25 Handcrafted 18″ Specialty Pizza from FUEL, with egg-free crust
  • $25 Gluten-Free cauliflower crust available
  • All Pizza used for Birthday Parties should be ordered from FUEL Cafe (no outside pizza orders allowed) – place your order through our Party Coordinator


  • $25/hr Sports Referee
  • $3.50 each for additional favors or birthday child souvenir
  •  $3.50/Dozen invitations
  • $65 Moon Bounce (45 minutes)
  • $50 Extra 1/2 hour on field March 19 through October 22, $90 October 23 through March 18**
  • $40 Extra 1/2 hour on court March 19 through October 22, $45 October 23 through March 18**
  • $35 Extra 1/2 hour moon bounce (only March 18th through October – MUST add on 1/2 hour on field or court also)
  • $50 Extra 1/2 hour in party room including hosts and coordinator
  • $200 for 1 hour of NERF, Knockerball, or 12 blaster laser tag
  • $250 for 20 blaster laser tag

**Extra time is only available immediately following field or court time.

*Balloon Bouquet includes 12 balloons. We are more than happy to inflate additional balloons (9″ latex) with helium. There will be a charge of $1.25 per balloon.

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