The nZone’s Rules for Indoor Soccer are based off Modified FIFA Laws for Indoor Play.

Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers, and owners and staff of The nZone assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. All members of a team are jointly responsible for the full payment of the team fee, however, it is the team captain who is ultimately held responsible in the case of overdue, unpaid balances.

The nZone’s Rules:

1. Number of Players

Field 1: Teams will play 5 per side, plus goalies. AT THE BEGINNING OF A GAME, A TEAM MUST HAVE THREE FIELD PLAYERS.

2. Ball

Adult: Size 5 (ages 12 and up). Size 4 (ages U-8 to U-11).

3. Substitutions

There are unlimited substitutions . You do not need the referee’s permission, but the ref should be notified. Change over must occur while play is at the far end of the field and players must meet at the team entrance to your player box. Goalkeeper change should transition as fast as possible.

4. Rosters

A minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 12 players. ALL PLAYERS NEED TO BE ON THE ROSTER. Substitutes on the roster may be made if a player drops off. Guest players are allowed for Regular Season games. A guest player may compete in playoffs if they played in 2 regular season games. All players will need to fill out The nZone liability waiver to participate at the facility.

5. Guest Players

If players on the roster are unable to play, they may be substituted by a guest player. You may only have 3 guest players per session. The guest player will need to be added to the roster as “guest player”. A guest player must be on the roster previous to any Playoff Game. Any team playing in the Playoff games will not be allowed to use any guest players for those games unless they’ve completed 2 games or more.

7. Equipment

Rubber molded cleats and turf shoes are recommended. Tennis shoes are allowed. Metal screw in studs are not allowed. ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR ADULT SHINGUARDS. Teams must provide their own soccer balls and the home team may provide a game ball or ball agreed upon by both teams. It may take a day to get your ball back from the ceiling.

8. Duration of Play

The game will be 50 minutes, divided into two 25 minute halves with a two-minute halftime. It will be a running clock with no stoppages. A team will be given 10 minutes to field a team or forfeit the game. A forfeit game may be played, but the playing time will be reduced to be kept to the scheduled time. If a team is under the minimum number of players or there is a no show the score will be 3-0.

9. Kick Off

The ball may be played in any direction into either half of the field. A goal may be scored directly from the kickoff. The game clock starts at the scheduled kickoff time.

10. Five-Second Restart Rule

All restarts must be played within 5 seconds of the ball being placed on the surface, for a Free Kick, Goal Kick, Corner Kick, or Kick Off. Violations of this rule result in a Direct Free Kick awarded to the non-offending team.  The defending team must stand 3 walking paces away from the ball and cannot move until the ball is kicked.

11. Ball out of Play

There are no throw-ins, the game is restarted with a kick-in by an indirect free kick. If the ball strikes the building, an indirect free kick is awarded from beneath the point of contact. The ball will be moved outside of the penalty area if it hits the building above the goal area. A corner kick will be taken if the defensive team plays the ball off the net or out of bounds above the goal area.

Field 1: If the ball hits the side or top netting or the building walls, the restart is a kick-in by indirect free kick, nearest to the point where the ball was ruled out.

12. Scoring

A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the plane of the goal line before the whistle is blown for an infringement or the end of that half. A Goalkeeper can score from a goal kick. Players can score from your own half of the field.

13. Boarding

Charging a player off the ball and into the boards is a violation. Also, pinning a player onto the boards is a violation and will result in a direct free kick to the opposition. Continual violation of this rule by a player will result in a yellow card.

14. Injuries

Any player who is bleeding MUST leave the field, be substituted, and may not return until the bleeding has been completely stopped. Shirts and Shorts with blood on them have to be replaced by clean attire also before you may return to the field. The referee will inspect the player. Time will not be stopped for injuries. The half may expire if it is close to the end of the game or half. All injuries must be reported in the Injury Log Book.

15. Goalkeeper Play

Only the Goalkeeper can handle the ball with their hands inside the goal area. The ball must be distributed by a throw, roll, or kick from the ground. Goalkeepers must release the ball from their hands after gaining possession or 5 seconds after regaining their feet from saving the ball on the ground. Goalkeepers may use unlimited number of steps within their penalty area. Any violation will result in an indirect free kick outside of the penalty area. Goal keepers may release the ball past half field only by kick…not by a throw!  Team may “pass back” to their keeper ONLY directly from the chest or the head.  Any other touches will result in an indirect free kick awarded to the other team to be played outside the box.

16. Goal Kick

The kick can be taken from anywhere inside the goal area.

17. Misconduct

A.Yellow Card: A player will leave the field for a minimum of 2 minutes. The team may not substitute regardless if a goal is scored.

B. Red Card (or 2nd Yellow): Any player or coach awarded a red card will leave the field and cannot be replaced. The team will play down a player. The offending player will be suspended for the next game or for as long as the management deems necessary.

C. Bench: Any player or coach in the team area has the same restrictions for yellow and red cards.

D. Time Penalties: These penalties are not reduced by scoring a goal, and goalkeepers must serve their own penalties.

E. Offenses: Dissent or taunting is an automatic yellow card. Striking or fighting is an automatic red card. Spitting on any person is an automatic league suspension. Assaulting the referee is an automatic league suspension. No refunds are given to players who receive one or more match suspensions.

18. Offside

There is no offside.

19. Slide Tackling

Slide tackling is not allowed.

20. No Spitting on Field

If the ref has previously warned a player not to spit and they continue, the ref may give a yellow card.

21. Team Box is for Players Only

Due to safety concerns, only players are allowed in the substitute area. Spectators should be outside the playing area.

21. Free Kicks

During all free kicks, whether indirect or direct, the ball must be stationary. There can be no opposing team members within 3 regular walking steps of the ball. Indirect free kicks in the goal area will be taken from outside the goal area.

22. Penalty Kick

Any major fouls that occur in the goal area committed by a defender will result in a penalty kick taken from the spot on the field, on the penalty mark. The keeper must stand with heels on the goal line until the kick is taken. When the whistle is blown, the kicker has 5 seconds to make his/her direct kick. If a player does not kick the ball within 5 seconds, then the penalty kick will be taken away and the defense will obtain possession of the ball. The ball is placed on the penalty spot and then the ref will mark off the kicker’s start point from 2 walking steps away.

23. Overtime

If a game ends in a tie in the regular season, the game ends in a tie. If the game ends in a tie in the post season, there will be a 3 minute extra period. At the end of the three minutes if the game is still tied then there will be golden goal (first to score wins).

24. COED Leagues

Coed Leagues must have at least 2 women on the field of play at all times. If a team has only one woman on the field of play, a team must play down a player until another woman fills that spot. If a team has no women, the game is forfeited.

25. League Points and Tiebreakers

Regular season games may end in a tie. The following Point System will be used to determine positioning:


2. POINTS: Win=3 points, Tie=1 point, Loss=0 points.






In the post season, there will be a 3 minute overtime followed by golden goal.

26. Color Clashes

The visiting team will change shirts, and practice vests are available.

Any questions regarding these rules can be brought to the Director of Adult Leagues, contact them here.