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Community Bingo

Are you ready for some good ol’ fashioned fun? We are!

Download your  Bingo card here.
Click NEW CARD to get your own unique card! 

You can play onscreen or you can print the card.

We’ll call Bingo LIVE on Facebook and Instagram as promoted on social channels. 

Anyone can play! Winners must live within a 5 mile radius of nZone. 

We’ll play games with a small gift card prize and we’ll play “just for fun” games (no prize).

Why? For fun!

We are eager to be together in a time when community is challenged.

We anticipate silliness alongside serious Bingo competition. 

If all goes well (fingers crossed), we’ll continue daily games!

We’re keeping this loose so we can improvise as needed. Join the fun!

Ready to get started? Get A Free Pass!