Ok, so we all know that exercising is great for your child’s body, but did you know that studies have shown it makes them happier and yes, even smarter?

In one study, a 3 month exercise regimen increased bloodflow to the part of the brain focused on memory and learning by 30%. (Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain).

And yes, sweating can make them smile. Duke University published research revealing that exercise is just as effective as antidepressants in treating depression, and significantly decreases anxiety (Standard Medical Intervention and Long-term Exercise Study).

Okay, so exercise is pretty great. Now how do we get our kids to fall into a lifelong love with it?

Two simple words: Fun and Variety.

Disguising exercise as a game, competition or new learning experience is guaranteed to have them laughing and excited to do more every day.

Better yet, including your child in an environment that encourages working with other children helps them mentally associate exercise with fun, connection and success.

Variety is KEY. Children’s brains develop at a rapid rate through their developmental years and they are eager to learn and experience new things. Involving them in a variety of fitness activities further helps them physically develop both essential muscular and cardiovascular strengths that one sport or one activity often misses.

AND here’s the BEST part. You don’t have to drive around everywhere to ensure they can experience both variety and fun. Kids Fitness classes are now all the rave, as parents are quickly learning that they can have a “one stop shop” of a variety of Kids Fitness classes without driving all over town. And YOU can actually work out or attend your own Adult Fitness class while your child is learning, sweating and laughing in their own Kids Fitness class. It’s a win-win for the whole family.

Kids are SO excited to learn that we have everything from dance classes, to Rollercise, Kids Kickboxing, Animal Yoga, Kids Bootcamp and over 30 more classes each week for kids ages 2-12. With a Kids Fitness membership, they have unlimited access to all of these classes to drop in anytime you want. Check out the full schedule of classes here.

We even publish a family friendly exercise video for you to try out at home every few weeks. Just check The nZone Youtube channel here.

To schedule your child’s first FREE week of “drop-in classes” please email Val at [email protected].

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